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1. How Can I Be Prepared For a COVID-19 Outbreak?
2. Should I wear a mask?
3. Are Jefferson County residents doing a good job on flattening the curve?
4. How do I safely handle my groceries?
5. Why can’t you tell me more about the cases or about the people being tested?
6. What does close contact mean?
7. People I know are feeling anxious and worried about COVID-19, is there any help for them?
8. Why should people wear masks to prevent coronavirus infection?
9. Do face masks protect the person wearing the mask?
10. Why should I wear a mask that protects someone else but not me?
11. What scientific evidence support the use of masks to prevent COVID-19?
12. What good is a mask directive if there are not strict criminal penalties for violation of the directive?
13. Is a public health directive to wear a mask in public a violation of an individual’s right to enjoy their personal freedom?
14. What is the specific requirement for masking in Jefferson County?
15. How does masking initiatives relate to Phase 2 and Phase 3 of the Safe Start WA plan?
16. Can people who have recovered from COVID-19 get it again? How long can the immunity last?
17. Is there anything I can do to prepare my body for COVID-19?
18. What does "outside your household" mean?
19. How can I say no to a gathering without disrespecting my family?
20. How can I talk to my family about wanting to downsize or make our holiday gatherings virtual?
21. What if I hold my gathering in a garage/yard/patio/deck?