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County Road Problem Report

  1. County Road Problem Report
    Use this form to report problems with County roads, including danger trees in the right of way, trees down in the right of way, deceased animals in the right of way, debris in the right of way and drainage issues in the right of way. DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO REPORT EMERGENCIES THREATENING LIFE OR PROPERTY OR THAT REQUIRE IMMEDIATE RESPONSE TO PREVENT FURTHER HARM TO LIFE OR PROPERTY. Call 911 for all emergencies, including accidents, power lines in the roadway and road closures that prevent emergency entrance and egress to occupied areas.
  2. Confirm that you are reporting this to the correct agency*

    Please confirm that the road associated with your report is

    1. Located in Jefferson County, Washington;
    2. Not located inside the boundaries of the City of Port Townsend (see map at right);
    3. Not a highway or state route, such as Hwy 101, SR 20, SR 19, SR 104 or SR 116 (contact WSDOT for state highways); and
    4. A county road with a green street sign, not a private road with a brown or red street sign.

    You can also use this form to report issues with trails maintained by Jefferson County Public Works, such as the Larry Scott Trail.

  3. Map showing the boundary between county roads and city streets

    This map provides an overview of the city boundary as it determines the distinction between city streets and county roads.

    Jefferson County does not maintain roads within the City of Port Townsend. Contact the city directly with concerns about city streets.

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    It is completely optional to provide one or more methods of contacting you. However, if you provide this information, we can contact you if further clarification is required, and we can contact you with a resolution to your reported problem.
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