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Inspection Request Form

  1. Please Note!! Access required for inspections, closed gates or locked doors will result in a failed inspection and reinspection fees will be accessed.
  2. If new address, write "new address."
  3. Regular inspections submitted before 3 PM will be performed the following business day, unless otherwise noted. We do not perform same-day inspections. Final inspections require a 48-hour notice.
  4. Addressing/Road Naming
  5. Transient rental inspection?
  6. Mechanical
    Check all that apply.
  7. Foundation
    Check all that apply.
  8. Plumbing
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  9. Framing
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  10. Insulation
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  11. Propane
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  12. Manufactured Homes
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    Is this for a Final Inspection?
  14. Is your road approach finaled?
  15. No Building Final Inspection without Public Works Road Approach or Final Approval

    Final Inspections cannot occur if there are any Road Approach or Public Works Final cases attached to the parcel not yet finaled.

  16. Has your septic case been finaled?
  17. No Final Inspection without finaled septic case

    Final Inspections cannot occur if there are any septic cases attached to the parcel not yet finaled.

  18. Anything else we should know about this inspection? Please note: Inspection times cannot be requested and we do not perform same-day inspections. While we can offer you a specific day (starting the next business day from the request), the nature of inspecting does not allow for choosing a particular time for inspectors to arrive.
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