What is the ‘OSS Onsite Septic’ fee on my tax statement?

The Board of Health established this fee to fund the Septic Operation and Monitoring and Maintenance Program (O&M) in Jefferson County. The fee is applied for each septic system on a property. The O&M Program assures that septic systems are monitored and inspected in compliance with local and state code. Program activities include information and education for septic system owners; management of the website for eligible homeowners to become authorized to inspect their own septic system; follow-up when problems are identified during a professional or homeowner inspection; and information on low interest loans when septic system failure occurs. You can contact us at 360-385-9407 if you have further questions about the fee, or about your septic system.

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3. What is the ‘OSS Onsite Septic’ fee on my tax statement?
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