What is a Conference Board review?

A Conference Board review is an informal hearing to resolve grievances with DCS. It is an internal dispute resolution process for contesting DCS actions. Individuals are able to address some issues that they are not able to get a decision from anywhere else, such as a grievance about a DCS worker, request for deferral, review of payroll withholdings that cause hardship, and most commonly a request for a charge-off or waiver (decision not to collect child support obligation). Many Conference Board requests are for a write off of back support assigned to the State. Only debt owed to Washington state may be written off – No exceptions. However, there may be other options available, such as a settlement agreement between the custodial and non-custodial parents for amounts owed to the custodial parent.

Under some circumstances, Conference Boards may also set the monthly payment rate on back support. In setting a repayment amount, DCS will look at the individuals’ income and expenses, including the expense of caring for any dependent children. Obligors must provide DCS with complete information about their financial situation, including any extra expenses they may have.

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