Do I need a permit for a small picnic pavilion on my property?

Do I need a permit for a small picnic pavilion on my property? I plan to have no water and no power going to it; just a roof for a picnic table.

Yes you would need a permit. Your project will be considered a "Pole Building." Here are the forms you will need to submit:

If this project will be in the City of Port Townsend then you will need to contact them at 360-379-5095. If your project will be within the county you will need the following:

If there is a septic on the property you will need to get a septic review from Environmental Health. We call septic reviews "O&M"s (Operations and Maintenance inspections); depending on the type of system you have you either do this inspection once a year or once every three years. If there is not a septic on the property then you will not need that review.



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1. Do I need a permit for a small picnic pavilion on my property?
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