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Posted on: October 13, 2022

Bivalent (omicron) COVID-19 booster clinic for children 5 and older

Children Omicron booster clinics

October 13, 2022

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Bonnie Obremski, COVID-19 Communications Specialist, Jefferson County Public Health,

Bivalent (omicron) COVID-19 booster clinic for children 5 and older

JEFFERSON COUNTY— Children aged five and older who are eligible for a bivalent (omicron) COVID-19 booster may receive their vaccination at a clinic at Blue Heron Middle School on Saturday, October 22 from 9 AM-12 PM. A person is eligible when:

  • They are at least 5 years old
  • They have completed their primary series of the Pfizer, Moderna, or Novavax vaccine
  • They are at least two months beyond their last dose of vaccine

Parents may choose Pfizer or Moderna for their child, regardless of what brand of COVID-19 vaccine that child received in their primary series (“mixing and matching” is an option). Novavax is not offered as a booster dose at this time.

Clinic details:

Saturday, October 22

Blue Heron Middle School

9 AM-12 PM

Appointment required; mask required

Ages 5-11 only: Sign up to receive Pfizer (5+) or Moderna (6+):

Ages 12-18 only: Sign up to receive Pfizer or Moderna:


Reach the Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management Call Center phone at 360-344-9791 for registration assistance. Please leave a message and someone will return your call. Staffing is limited so exercise patience while waiting for your return call. If registrant has health concerns that restrict mobility or registrant is homebound, please let the call center know. 

These clinics are operated by Jefferson County Public Health in partnership with the Jefferson County Department of Emergency Management.

$50 gift cards are available for anyone who is unhoused, at risk of being unhoused, or fleeing violence. To claim a card:

  1. Register online for your omicron booster at one of the above links or call 360-344-9791
  2. Call Olympic Community Action Programs (OlyCAP) at 360-385-2571 x 6349 to notify them of your registration and request a gift card to be picked up at the clinic
  3. Ask for your gift card when you check in at the clinic

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I receive another booster dose of COVID-19 vaccine?

A: The bi-valent (omicron) booster should keep most people from feeling sick if they are exposed to COVID-19.  

All COVID-19 vaccines provide protection against hospitalization and death. Over time, however, the original formulations of the vaccines have grown less effective at preventing a person from feeling sick. That’s because the dominant strains of the virus are different than the ones that circulated early in 2020. This updated booster specifically targets omicron BA.4 and BA.5, which are the current dominant strains. 

Q: How has the updated booster vaccine been tested for safety?

A: The updated booster vaccines use the same basic formula as the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines that have been carefully tested in humans. Over 500 million people in the United States have safely received these vaccines under the most intense safety monitoring in U.S. history.

The updated Moderna and Pfizer booster vaccines use the same ingredients as their other COVID-19 vaccines, with one change to one of the proteins to target the Omicron variants. 

Q: Why does the online registration form ask me for insurance information?

A: Despite what the registration form says, your insurance will not be billed for your COVID-19 vaccination. There is no charge for the vaccinations administered at our mass vaccination clinics. We apologize for any confusion. That part of the online registration form was not customizable. 

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