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March 17, 2020 5:33 PM

March 20, 2020 Emergency Changes to Court Operations Due to COVID-19

Effective March 20th, 2020 The following changes are in effect:
1) All District Court Trials are Cancelled through April 24, 2020
2) All jury summons are suspended until April 27, 2020. Calls will be made to those already summoned for a jury.
3) All criminal jury trials scheduled to begin March 16, 2020 to April 24,2020 are hereby continued to a status date set by the court and notices will be mailed.
4) All Criminal hearings for defendants who are not in custody will be continued until a date determined by the court after April 24, 2020. Summons will be mailed to the court.
5) The court will accept signed agreed orders of continuance off record for all criminal cases. The court will also allow appearances by phone by defendants and/or their attorneys.
6) Currently all scheduled contested and mitigation infraction hearings will be continued for 90 days. Anyone with a pending infraction may contact the court for other options, including submitting a written hearing request on line or via mail.
7) Small Claim mediation hearings and trials are continued to a date after April 24, 2020. Parties are encouraged to contact the court to confirm the new date.
8) Name Change hearings will be continued unless a written request is filed explaining the emergent need for a name change.
9) Civil Hearings have been reset to after April 24, 2020. However, civil ex parte matters will continue to be processed.
10) Protection Orders will continue as under normal court operations for all domestic violence, anti-harassment, sexual assault, stalking or any other type of order. New orders shall still be accepted and processed. Please contact the court for additional questions.
11) Any court participant who feel sick should not enter the Jefferson County Courthouse. Anyone deemed by the Court or staff to exhibit illness symptoms may be ordered to leave the building.
12) Court access to the public is very limited. We are not accepting cash payments. Please call the court at 360-385-9135 to schedule an appointment if you need to come to file paperwork. Please see the Payments tab on how you can make a payment on line or please call our office to make arrangements.
13) There is a new drop box on the basement level of the courthouse for correspondence for the court. All filings, citations, payments MUST be in an envelope and have "District Court" on the outside as well as your name, case number and a valid phone number to contact if needed.