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OTH2022-00006-Boy Scouts of America-Camp Parsons
Commercial Shooting Facility Operating Permit

The application is for an operating permit for an existing rifle shooting range under JCC Chapter 8.50 Article III. Commercial Shooting Facilities 8.50.210. The current use as a camp for the Boy Scouts of America has been in existence for approximately 100 years, while the current rifle shooting range has been in use for approximately 50 years. Newly adopted (2020) JCC Chapter 8.50 Article III. Commercial Shooting Facilities requires existing shooting ranges to obtain an operating permit. This application requires review and a determination under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). The operating permit will be reviewed and issued by the Jefferson County Environmental Health Department, while the SEPA will be reviewed with a determination issued by the Department of Community Development (DCD). The application includes a 30 day public comment period on the proposal to maintain the existing shooting range, with no proposed changes or additions. This is a Type I permit review process with a decision by the Director of Environmental Health.


  1. Application 
  2. Notice of Application
  3. 2nd Notice of Application
  4. SEPA Checklist
  5. Public Comments
  6. SEPA Determination
  7. Operating Permit and Appendices

OTH2019-00016-Jefferson County Sportsmen Association
Commercial Shooting Facility Operating Permit 

The proposal is for a commercial shooting facility (CSF) operating permit under Article III of Chapter 8.50 JCC for an existing shooting range at 112 Gun Club Road, Port Townsend, Washington (site). The existing shooting range is on a site of approximately 43 acres of land, which is owned by Jefferson County, Washington. The existing shooting range is operated by the Jefferson County Sportsmen’s Association under a license and operating agreement with Jefferson County. The Jefferson County Sportsmen’s Association has been operating trap shooting, handgun, rifle and archery ranges at the site since 1962.

Application Documents

  1. Application
  2. Notice of Application
  3. SEPA Checklist
  4. Public Comments

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