Oversize and Overweight Vehicles

Jefferson County issues permits for oversize and overweight vehicles.

Any permit issued is for the vehicle or combination of tractor and trailer listed on the permit. No blanket permit for multiple vehicles is available at this time.

Oversize Vehicle Annual Permit: $71 (2019)

The oversize vehicle annual permit is the most basic oversize permit available. Therefore, it is valid for an entire calendar year from the date of issuance, and no single-trip or short-duration alternative is available.

This permit is required and suitable for a vehicle more than 8.5' wide -- but not exceeding 12' wide or 14' high. This permit generally allows nighttime operation, and other conditions may apply based on the application.

Oversize Vehicle Special Permit: $112 (2019)

The oversize vehicle special permit is required and suitable for a vehicle exceeding 12' wide or 14' high. A specific route and specific date(s) must be proposed in the application, and the permit may authorize one or more trips. The permit may specify minimum/maximum speeds, routes, times of day, weather conditions, frequency and other conditions to ensure traffic safety.

Overweight Vehicle Special Permit: $112 (2019)

This single-use permit may be issued for vehicles exceeding the following weight limits:

Gross Vehicle Weight 105,500 pounds
Single Axle 20,000 pounds
Tandem Axle 34,000 pounds
Two-tire Axle 500 pounds per inch width
Steer Axle 600 pounds per inch width

The permit may specify minimum/maximum speeds, routes, times and other restrictions to ensure traffic safety. The applicant may refer to the WSDOT Commercial Vehicle Guide for additional information on vehicle weights and configurations. The WSDOT Axle Spacing Report system may also be helpful.

Permits need to be filled out and returned to the Road Maintenance Office with payment. We accept cash or check. We are not able to accept any card transactions at this time.

For more specifications and to apply for a permit, click on the form below: