Fleet Services Division

Five-year truck with spreader

The Fleet Services Division purchases, maintains and repairs the county’s fleet of vehicles and equipment and supporting and ancillary facilities, all with the goal of supporting other county departments in their respective missions.
To this end, the Fleet Services Division of the Department of Central Services manages the Equipment Rental and Revolving Fund in accordance with RCW 36.33A as a revolving internal-service fund for road-maintenance vehicles, equipment and supplies as well as the vehicles and equipment of other County departments that participate in the ER&R Fund. Where requested, the Division also supports the vehicles and equipment of County departments and sister agencies that are not funded through the ER&R Fund, billing those departments/agencies for their use of maintenance, repair, parts, supplies and fuel.
The Division provides these services in its shop and at remote locations for light vehicles, heavy vehicles, trailers, non-road equipment, attachments and accessories.
Division Goals
1. Provide cost-effective, budget-stable, fully serviced mobile assets and inventory stores to ER&R-fund customers;
2. Provide cost-effective maintenance, repair, fueling and other services as requested by non-ER&R-fund customers;
3. Manage the ER&R Fund in accordance with applicable laws and maintain records necessary to track each customer’s funds separately;
4. Manage surface mines in compliance with applicable laws and reclamation requirements; and
5. Provide efficient maintenance and repair of supporting and ancillary property and facilities.
Division Statistics (January-July 2017 data)

Staffed shop facilities
Managed but unstaffed shop facilities
Fuel sites
Current/former surface mines maintained
Preventative-maintenance repair orders completed by shop staff
Breakdown or road-call repair orders
Total repair orders completed by shop staff

  1. Fleet Services Division

    Physical Address
    371 Chimacum Rd
    Port Hadlock, WA 98339


    Mailing Address
    PO Box 1200
    Port Hadlock, WA 98339