Office of the Hearing Examiner

December 20, 2022 Update on Ricky Beach Drive Public Hearing

The public hearing for the Ricky Beach Drive County Road Vacation was held as scheduled on Tuesday, December 20, 2022. The Hearing Examiner is holding the record open in this matter for people who were unable to participate due to the snow closure. Written comments may be submitted until 3:00 PM on Wednesday, December 28 2022. Please direct written comments to the attention of Colette Kostelec at

Hearing Examiner

Jefferson County utilizes a Hearing Examiner system for quasi-judicial decisions. The Hearing Examiner is appointed by the County Commissioners and charged with the responsibility of conducting public hearings, preparing the official record thereof, preparing findings of fact and conclusions of law and issuing final decisions for certain land use and non-land use quasi-judicial decisions.


The hearing examiner’s primary responsibility is to provide a fair, impartial, and independent fact-finding and decision-making service within county government. The hearing examiner has jurisdiction over a wide range of subject matter, including many types of land use applications and appeals, such as:

  • Type III Land-use decision
  • Type II Land-use appeals
  • Appeals of administrative interpretations
  • Appeals of SEPA determination
  • Administrative appeals under Chapter 8.90 JCC (Public Nuisances)
  • Shoreline management cases- variances, substantial development permits 
  • Subdivision- long plats 
  • Planned residential developments 
  • Type III Conditional use permits
  • Code Compliance appeals

The Examiner stands as an impartial body to which information is presented. The procedures governing hearings before the Hearing Examiner are set forth in the Hearing Examiner Code, Chapter 2.30 Jefferson County Code and Hearing Examiner Rules of Procedure.

Current Hearing Examiner Cases

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Hearing Locations Jefferson County Courthouse,
First Floor Conf. Room, 1820 Jefferson Street, Port Townsend, WA 98368 
Additional Information (360) 379-4450