Comprehensive Plan

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Planning for the Future of Jefferson County

The Growth Management Act (GMA) was adopted to address ways to accommodate growth. It requires that the fastest-growing cities and counties complete comprehensive plans and development regulations to guide future growth. All jurisdictions are required to protect critical environmental areas and conserve natural resource lands, such as farms and forests. The GMA calls for communities to review and, if necessary, revise their plans and regulations every ten years to ensure they remain up-to-date.

The GMA requires coordinated regional and local planning, and spells out the elements that must be included in comprehensive plans. All development in counties and cities that fully plan under the GMA must be regulated by rules that are consistent with and implement the comprehensive plan. RCW 36.70A & WAC 365-196.


Applications for site-specific and suggested amendments to the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan are due 3/1/2024 to be included in the docketing process for the 2024 Annual Amendment Cycle. Per Board Resolution 11-24, applications received after 3/1/2024 will be included in the 2026 Annual Amendment Cycle in light of the 2025 Periodic Update required for Jefferson County per the Growth Management Act.