School Health & Safety Program

Jefferson County Public Health's (JCPH) School Health and Safety Program reviews public, private and parochial K-12 school construction projects to ensure the health and safety of students and other school occupants. Our approval is required before building permits and/or certificates of occupancy are issued.

JCPH's School Health and Safety Program is involved in 3 stages of the school construction process:
  1. We review proposed K-12 school sites to ensure they do not present any health problems.
  2. We review school construction plans and specifications before construction.
  3. We conduct pre-occupancy inspections prior to use.

Projects Needing Approval

Example projects that require Health Department approval:
  • Food Service (Referred to JCPH Food Program)
  • HVAC or Lighting Upgrades
  • New School Buildings
  • Playground Equipment
  • Portable Classrooms
  • Purchasing/Leasing Property
  • Relocations
  • School Remodels, Additions,
  • Shop, Art, Science Equipment Changes
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