Pool & Spa Safety

Each year thousands of Jefferson County residents and visitors swim in swimming pools at our municipal pool, hotels, and homeowner association pools. These pools and spas may create public health hazards if they are not properly operated and maintained.

Person diving into the pool for lap swimming

Public Health promotes recreational water safety in our community by:

  • Reviewing plans of all new and remodeled public swimming pools and spas
  • Educating public pool and spa operators about health and safety issues
  • Conducting routine inspections of public swimming pools and spas to ensure general safety and appropriate water chemistry
  • Investigating reports of illness and complaints about potential safety hazards in public pools and spas
    • Call 360-385-9444 to report issues.
  • Investigating drowning and near drowning incidents in public pools

Think Before You Swim

  • Alcohol use and boating/swimming/spa use do not mix.
  • Typical drowning victims are toddlers (girls and boys) and teen boys.
  • Males take more risks than females, so their drowning statistics are much higher.
  • Children go below the surface often quietly within seconds when struggling for air.
  • Supervising children means watching them, not texting or talking.
  • Look into a churned up pool with glare on the surface to get an idea of how hard it is to spot them once they are under.
  • Life vests save lives, but only if worn!
  • Get the kids into swim classes so they can enjoy the water safely.
  • Protect others; don't swim when you or your kids have diarrhea.

Resources for Home Pools & Spas

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