Travel Vaccines

There is currently a nation-wide YF-Vax vaccine shortage. JCPH is currently out of this vaccine and does not anticipate getting more until late 2018. An alternative yellow fever vaccine, Stamaril, is available at several sites in Seattle.

   -  Sites offering Stamaril
   -  Yellow Fever vaccine recommendations by country


Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) offers travelers health care services including:
  • Travel consultation
    • Assessment of your travel itinerary and recommendations for vaccines
    • Recommendations for anti-malarial medications (A prescription must be obtained from your private medical provider)
    • Information on best ways to prevent travel-related illness
  • Travel immunizations as well as standard adult and children's vaccines
Travel services are available by appointment only. Travel appointments are offered Monday and Tuesday mornings. They usually last 1 hour. Call JCPH: 360-385-9400.

Information Needed

Be prepared to provide the following information when calling for an appointment:
  • Name and birth date of persons having the travel appointment
  • Which countries you will visit and in which order?
  • How long will you stay in each country?
  • Cruise? You will be asked to fax your itinerary.
Note: Several vaccines require multiple doses separated by months to provide adequate protection. Please plan ahead.

Bring your immunization records to your appointment so we can update them. JCPH only has access to records of immunizations we administered or those entered in the Washington State Immunization Registry (WAIIS). Some doctor's offices may not enter adult vaccines into WAIIS.

How to obtain your immunization records


Bring your insurance card unless you will be paying cash.

Please note that Medicare and Medicaid do not cover travel services or vaccines.