Developmental Disabilities

Ongoing Request for Qualifications:  Released January 22, 2018
updated: March 22, 2022

Individual and Group Employment Services, Community Integration Services, Individualized Technical Assistance for Persons with Disabilities

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Developmental Disabilities Community Forum

Part of the mission of the Developmental Disabilities (DD) Program and of the DD Advisory Board for Jefferson County is to plan and advocate for services for our citizens with developmental disabilities. In order for Jefferson County to be a community that is supportive to persons with developmental disabilities, we need to have a clear understanding of their individual needs and the barriers to meeting those needs. We also need to know what resources currently exist, any gaps in services, and the forces that will shape the availability of resources in the future.


The mission of the DD Advisory Board and the DD County Program is to assure that citizens with developmental disabilities in Jefferson County have the choice, opportunity and support to achieve full, active, and productive participation in community life.

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View the Washington State and county government flow chart (PDF).

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The DD program office is located at the Jefferson County Public Health office, located at 615 Sheridan Street, Port Townsend, Washington 98368. The office shares a parking lot with QFC Grocery on Sims Way.


October was proclaimed National Disability Employment Month by Jefferson County (PDF).

Performance Measures

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National Disability Employment Month is celebrated at the Board of County Commissioners meeting.

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