Road Maintenance & Operations


The County Road Fund provides for the maintenance, planning and improvement of county roads (400.09 center line miles) and other transportation facilities (7.3 Miles of the Larry Scott Memorial Trail). Road maintenance includes maintaining road surfaces, road signs, drainage infrastructure, vegetation control and snow and ice control.

Capital road improvements are determined using a priority analysis process.

Additionally, the County Road Fund provides for emergency repairs to county roads due to flood, storm events and landslides.

Report a problem with a county road

To report a problem with a county road, contact the appropriate shop using the contact information in the right-hand column or complete the online problem report by clicking here.

Political Campaign Signs on County Roads

The proliferation of political campaign signs heralds the arrival of the fall campaign season. While many people choose to express their political views by posting a campaign sign or two in their yard, campaign organizers often post political messages along public roads as well. The following information is intended to provide guidance regarding this practice.

What is a political campaign sign?

A political campaign sign is a sign, poster, or handbill promoting or publicizing candidates for public office or issues to be voted on in an upcoming election.

Where can I find regulations regarding signs?

Like almost every other municipal code in the country, the Jefferson County Code (Section 18.30.150) regulates signs in order to protect the safety and welfare of the public and to maintain an attractive appearance in the community. The code can be viewed on-line through links available at the Jefferson County web site Many political campaign signs fall below permitting thresholds due to their small size and temporary nature, but it’s a good idea to check the code, particularly if you are considering signage that goes beyond the typical small, lightweight campaign sign. Jefferson County sign code is administered by the Department of Community Development which can be reached at (360) 379-4450.

For information on Political Campaign Signs on County Roads, click here

Roads-related forms

Permitting for oversize vehicles

For more information on Vehicle Permits and how to apply see our Oversize Vehicle Permit page.

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