Quilcene Complete Streets

Jefferson County Public Works was awarded a Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) Pedestrian and Bicycle Program grant for streetscape improvements within Quilcene Center. The objective of the WSDOT program is to improve the transportation system to enhance safety and mobility for people who choose to walk or bike.

Project Overview

This project will provide the Quilcene community with enhanced pedestrian crossings, sidewalks, and bicycle lanes along Highway 101 (approximately from U.S. Bank to the Community Center). The project may also include streetscape improvements such as traffic signs and beacons, pedestrian scale lighting, and landscaping and pedestrian amenities to serve as visual cues to slow drivers down as they pass through the Quilcene Center.

2 design workshops will be held with Quilcene residents, adjacent business owners and WSDOT. The grant also includes an educational component which consists of producing a video to document the project from community engagement, through design and construction, which could be used as a demonstration tool in other communities.

Project Elements

Compose a streetscape which creates a sense of place, alleviates safety concerns and has the potential to spur economic development through:
  • Construction of accessible sidewalks and bicycle lanes with associated ramps, curb/gutter and driveway approaches as well as accessible crosswalks and associated islands/medians/refuges.
  • Installation of pedestrian activated signal(s) at crosswalks.
  • Installation of traffic signs and beacons.
  • Installation of appropriate pedestrian scale lighting.
  • Provision for transit stop(s) and bicycle storage rack(s).
  • Installation of landscaping and other pedestrian amenities.
Please note, consideration must be given for design and construction in accordance with WSDOT and ADA guidelines.

Project Details

What When Why
Survey Highway 101 Right-of-Way January through February 2015
Creation of an accurate base map.
Workshop 1 with Quilcene Community
December 7, 2015
Gather and discuss preliminary means and methods to increase safety and more.
Workshop 2 with Quilcene Community
April 19, 2016
Review and discuss design alternatives.
Workshop 3 with Quilcene Community July 25, 2018 Review and discuss preferred alternative, and next steps.