Victim & Witness Services

We provide these services through a U.S. Justice Department grant to fund a contract Victim-Witness Coordinator. This funding promotes a team approach to prosecution of violent crimes, sexual assaults, and domestic violence cases.

Victims’ Rights in Washington

All victims of crime have certain rights in which they are entitled, this is called the Crime Victims Bill of Rights.  You can view these rights here.  Child Victims have some additional rights.  You can click here to view the Child Victims Bill of Rights. 

Coordinator Responsibilities

The coordinator works with victims of crime during the criminal justice process and assists them in obtaining restitution from the defendant, when applicable. The program has been successful in helping a wide range of victims and has received praise from courts, law enforcement and domestic violence agencies.
The coordinator is also an essential component of the "Sexual Assault / Domestic Violence" team for both adult and juvenile cases.  Continuing funding of this position is essential to provide services to the teams and to the public in general.

Priority Prosecutions

We consider the charging and aggressive prosecution of those adult and juvenile offenders in our community who commit sexually motivated or domestic violence criminal acts to be one of the most important criminal justice priorities. This includes any type of criminal offense involving sexual or domestic violence assault against an adult or child.