About the Department

The Department of Community Development (DCD) is composed of three divisions: Building / Inspections, Development Review, and Long-Range Planning. The three divisions work together to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the Department.

Mission Statement (2021)

"To preserve and enhance the quality of life in Jefferson County by promoting a vibrant economy, sound communities, and a healthy environment."

What We Do

DCD drafts land use policy and regulations, shepherds proposals through the public process, and implements policies and regulations adopted by the Board of County Commissioners. DCD reviews building and land use permit applications and coordinates regulatory responsibility with other County departments and State and Federal agencies. DCD together with the Planning Commission forms the Planning Agency.


See Jefferson County Code (JCC) 18.05.040 for a list of Department of Community Development duties.

Where is the Office?

Our office is accessible from Sims Way (SR 20) in Port Townsend, through the last set of doors on the right in the Castle Hill Mall at 621 Sheridan Street.

Customer Feedback

We are continually trying to improve, so please do not hesitate to give us your feedback.