1. What We Do
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Statutory Duties

The statutory duties of the Prosecutor listed in Revised Code of Washington (RCW) 36.27.020.


We represent the State of Washington in all felony, misdemeanor, juvenile offender, and infractions prosecutions in Jefferson County, except misdemeanor prosecutions which occur in Port Townsend or offenses which occur on federal land.

Drug & Crime Victims Funds

We also administer the County Drug Fund, which provides support and training for law enforcement, and the Crime Victims Fund, which provides support for victims of crime. Both the Drug Fund and Crime Victims Fund are funded by assessments against convicted offenders.

Victim-Witness Advocate

We have a Victim-Witness Advocate to assist victims of crime during the pendency of a criminal prosecution and to act as liaison with other groups providing victim services such as domestic violence agencies. Victims are also encouraged to contact the Dove House Advocacy Services for assistance at 360-385-5291.

Legal Advice to the County

We provide legal advice to all elected officials and county departments.

Litigation for the County and Its Officials

We defend and prosecute civil cases on behalf of the County and its officials.

Family Support Division

We litigate child support cases referred by the WA Department of Social and Health Services, Division of Child Support.