County Administrator


The Jefferson County Administrator is an appointed official who serves as the Chief Executive Officer for the County and is responsible for carrying out all decisions, directives, policies, ordinances and resolutions made by the Board of County Commissioners. The County Administrator is appointed by the Board of County Commissioners and serves at their pleasure.

The County Administrator's span of responsibility includes a wide variety of county services and the oversight of several departments (Public Works, Public Health, Central Services and Community Development) as well as management of specific organizational functions such as Information Services (Computer Network, Facilities Management, and Records Management) Public Safety, Risk Management and Human Resource Management that involve an organizational structure of more than 130 employees. The County Administrator's duties are detailed in an ordinance and resolutions and include the responsibility of preparing a balanced annual operating budget and upon adoption by the Board of County Commissioners, the implementation and oversight of the approved spending plan.

Office Creation

The Office of County Administrator was created by a series of Resolutions in 1999 and 2000 and finally in October of 2000 the Commissioners adopted ordinance number 09-1002-00 establishing the position in County law. This action by the Commissioners made Jefferson County the first county in the State of Washington to establish a "council-manager" form of government by local ordinance.

Jefferson County Strategic Plan

With the aid of the public and the dedication of the Board of County Commissioners, the Constitutional and Statutory Officers, and the men and women in service to the people of this county, we are pleased to present the Jefferson County Strategic Plan (PDF).

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