Volunteers in Police Service Program


The Jefferson County Sheriff's Program enables volunteer citizens to contribute their time and talents to assist the Sheriff's Department with it's law enforcement responsibilities.
Volunteer in Police Services Program Participants Next to Sheriff Vehicle
Program services may include administrative support, home security education, vacation home checks, radar trailer, boating enforcement, and a range of other functions. These services free the professional staff to concentrate on their assigned duties and are a great help to the community. The Sheriff’s Office currently has 20 citizen volunteers, all volunteers are welcome.

Vacation Checks

Vacation checks are a service by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office volunteer division provided to residents of unincorporated Jefferson County free of charge. This service is available only to full time Jefferson County residents for a period up to 2 weeks. During the 2 week period Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office volunteers, when available, will conduct random checks of your residence. Keep in mind that Jefferson County Sheriff's Office (JCSO) volunteers are unpaid and volunteer their time as available. Because of this we cannot guarantee the frequency of the checks nor are we liable for the security of your residence/property during this time.

This service should not be considered a substitute for proper security measures such as a monitored alarm/surveillance system/watchful neighbor. To request a vacation check please print the Vacation Check Request (PDF) and mail the completed document to the address listed on the form. Forms are also available at the front desk of the JCSO office in Port Hadlock during normal business hours.