Breastfeeding Peer Counselors and Resources

WIC Peer Counselors are Here to Help You!

WIC peer counselors are parents just like you who support you with your breastfeeding journey. 

Although breastfeeding is natural, most parents and babies need practice learning how to do it. It's normal to have lots of questions about breastfeeding and to need some help. Getting answers to your questions during pregnancy and in the early days after birth can help you get the best start with breastfeeding.

WIC's Breastfeeding Peer Counseling Program offers wonderful parent-to-parent support to WIC clients in over 100 Washington communities.

WIC peer counselors:

  • Are WIC moms who have breastfed their babies.
  • Have special training in breastfeeding support.
  • Are available outside normal WIC hours and on weekends.
  • Answer breastfeeding questions and offer support.
  • Refer parents to breastfeeding experts for situations that call for additional help.

What Parents Say About Their WIC Peer Counselors

  •  “She helped me so much! This is my second baby and no one helped me with my first one. My peer counselor really made a difference for me by providing help and support.”
  • “She was very informative and gave me the right information for building up my milk supply before returning to work. I feel so good about continuing to breastfeed even though I'm working.”
  • “My baby didn't even latch-on or eat right until I saw the counselor. She was a big blessing and very helpful.”
  • “Any time I have a question, she is always there to help me. I really like her. Talking with her is like talking with an old friend.”
  • “I wasn't enjoying breastfeeding. After spending some time with my peer counselor and calling her, I love breastfeeding my baby and the special bond we share.”
  • “You can see trained peer counselors for free; one of things I love about being on WIC is that I get free access to trained breastfeeding peer counselors.”
WIC Breastfeeding Resources

Meet the WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor for Jefferson County: Hello! My name is Idolina Cervantes. I am proud to be a WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor (BFPC). I am a mom of two kids. I had challenges and successes in breastfeeding. I am Hispanic and lived in Mexico. I believe that has given me insight into the cultural differences surrounding breastfeeding.

I found that while breastfeeding is physically demanding, my biggest challenge was the hidden expectations of being a first time breastfeeding mom. I have experience with nursing and pumping, have used nipple shields, and experienced plugged ducts. I have completed the WA State WIC Breastfeeding Peer Counselor training and work closely with the JCPH Lactation Consultant.

The encouragement and information that I received when my kids were babies helped me find success and balance in breastfeeding. Consistent, caring, and informed encouragement strengthened my ability to overcome struggles and helped me feel validated. 

As a BFPC, I want to give parents this kind of support. I can share understanding in hard times, and help you celebrate successes however you define them. I work hard to create a safe, supporting space that is free of judgment.