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Applying to the Jefferson County Board of Health as a Nonelected Member

            Following a recent change in Washington law, the State Board of Health adopted rules that govern who shall sit as members on local boards of health, including the Jefferson County Board of Health. Included in these new rules is a requirement that there be three nonelected members on the Board, one from each of the following categories:

  • Public health, health care facilities, and providers;
  • Consumers of public health; and
  • Other community stakeholders.

Currently, we have Dr. Kees Kolff serving in the “public health, health care facilities, and providers” category, so this requirement has been met. We have two vacancies available and are seeking qualified applicants to fill these positions.

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Who can Apply 

“Consumers of public health” means the category of persons consisting of county or health district residents who have self-identified as having faced significant health inequities or as having lived experiences with public health-related programs.

“Other community stakeholders” means the category of persons representing the following types of organizations located in the county or health district:

  • Community-based organizations or nonprofits that work with populations experiencing health inequities in the county;
  • Active, reserve, or retired armed services members;
  • The business community; or
  • The environmental public health regulated community.

In addition to meeting the qualifications of an applicant’s selected category, the Board is also required to consider the following factors in selecting a nonelected Board-member.

  • Potential conflict of interest;
  • The applicant’s demonstrated commitment to public health;
  • Recommendation from current Board of Health members;
  • Whether the applicant represents a diversity of expertise and lived experience;
  • Whether the applicant represents the geographic diversity of the community; and
  • Whether the applicant identifies with a historically underrepresented community when being considered as a non-elected member representing consumers of public health.

Persons selected based on the applications will then be offered an interview-opportunity. Once all interviews are completed, the Board will then make recommendations for appointment.

The only firm time requirement is the two-hour monthly meeting, the third Thursday of each month. Occasionally, there may be special meetings. Occasionally, the Board may form subcommittees to study a particular issue. In the week before a Board meeting, all members are provided with packets, including articles or other hand-outs, which are provided for members to review prior to a scheduled discussion of some subject.

How to Apply

Application (PDF)
Applications are also available in person at Jefferson County Public Health (615 Sheridan Street, Port Townsend) or the Commissioner’s Office in the basement of the County Courthouse (1820 Jefferson Street, Port Townsend). Application must be postmarked by 5 pm on July 6, 2022.

Online-Fillable Form Application

 Application must be submitted by 5 pm on July 6, 2022.