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Doing Right by Your Business and Environment

You deserve a workplace that is safe and healthy—and PPA wants to help you get there.

Are you a Qualified Business? – Small Quantity Generator 

  • Generates less than 220 lbs. of dangerous waste per month,
  • Accumulates less than 2,200 lbs. of dangerous waste at any time,
  • Would like your business to work more cost efficient, smarter, and overall safer for your employees, community, and state
Good to Know | Learn here if your business is a small quantity generator and if you generate dangerous waste.

Schedule Your Free, On-Site Consultation 

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During your Consultation

  • On-site Assessment:
    • During the on-site visit, we will assess how you are managing your waste and offer waste prevention tips.
  • What we do on an audit:
    • On-site walk around through production and waste storage area
    • Walk around the exterior, examine catch basins and outdoor storage
    • Review of waste disposal receipts