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Are you a Qualified Business? – Small Quantity Generator 

  • Generates less than 220 lbs. of dangerous waste per month,
  • Accumulates less than 2,200 lbs. of dangerous waste at any time,

Would like your business to work more cost efficient, smarter, and overall safer for your employees, community, and state

Good to Know | Learn here if your business is a small quantity generator and if you generate dangerous waste.

Schedule Your Free, On-Site Consultation 

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During your Consultation

  • On-site Assessment:
  • During the on-site visit, we will assess how you are managing your waste and offer waste prevention tips.

  • What we do on an audit:
  • On-site walk around through production and waste storage area
  • Walk around the exterior, examine catch basins and outdoor storage
  • Review of waste disposal receipts

  • Typical questions we will ask:

    • Which chemicals do you use?
    • How much of the chemicals do you use?
    • Where are the waste products stored?
    • Where do you dispose of your waste?
    • How often do you clean out your catch basins?

    • Technical Guidance: 
    • Pollution Prevention Specialists can help owners/operators reduce pollution by:
    • Explaining relevant dangerous waste regulations to stay in compliance
    • Providing alternatives to safer chemicals
    • Reviewing spill prevention practices
    • Providing best management practices for stormwater management
    • Locating recycling and/or disposal resources