Why Work with PPA

Protecting Your Environment Means Protecting Your Business

Get informed on how pollution prevention can work for you—and how your responsible decision can do a world of good for so many others.

What is Pollution Prevention? 

Pollution prevention means reducing or eliminating the volume or toxicity of materials, pollutants or wastes at the source so that they never become an air, land, or water waste stream in the first place. 

-Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center (PPRC)

By directly targeting the sources of pollution—waste and inefficiencies—pollution prevention benefits the environment and your business. From health and environmental benefits, including cleaner air and water, fewer harmful emissions, and less waste going to landfills your business can experience economic benefits such as increased competitiveness, safer working conditions, and reduced costs for maintenance and mitigation.

Below, understand how practicing pollution prevention in your business has a profound impact on your employees, local community, and natural surroundings and resources.