Cost Share Program for Septic System Repair

The Onsite Septic System Cost Share (OSS Cost Share) program run by JCPH is funded by a grant with the Washington State Department of Health. It pays a percentage of the cost to repair or replace septic systems for property owners of a single-family home. Please read this brochure for more information.

Review the list below to decide if you qualify:

1. Complete the application form and return to JCPH.

2. JCPH staff will call you regarding your application and how to move forward.


Cost Share Income Table


Qualified properties will have a permitted septic system, or non-permitted systems installed prior to 1970 (that are in need of repair or replacement based on an inspection by a certified O&M inspector). 

Not qualified:

  • Bootleg or non-permitted systems
  • Properties that do not currently have a permitted onsite septic system  


Qualified properties must be one of the following:

  • Located near a beach with commercial shellfish harvesting
  • Near a river or stream that drains to a beach
  • Within 200 feet of the beach shoreline 

If you have questions about whether or not your property qualifies please contact Amanda Christofferson at 360-385-9444, extension 406.