Lodging Tax Advisory Council (LTAC)

Established by Resolution No. 33-98; a five member board with 3 year terms

Agendas & Minutes

Meetings scheduled as needed


County of Jefferson


In the Matter of Creating

a Jefferson County Lodging

Tax Advisory Committee




RCW 67.28 requires that a Lodging Tax Advisory Committee be formed

before imposing said tax.


A Jefferson County Lodging Tax Advisory Committee is formed for the

purpose of reviewing and making a recommendation on the proposed adoption of

an ordinance to implement the optional excise tax provisions of RCW 67.28.


Said Committee shall consist of five (5) persons as provided herein:

a) Two (2) persons representing the lodging industry who are engaged in

business interests subject to the excise tax.

b) Two (2) persons from organizations who have been traditional recipients

of funds from the Jefferson County Hotel MoteI Fund.

c) One (1) member of the Board of County Commissioner