2017 Projects

In 2017, two farms and one stream habitat protection project were awarded funding. All three projects were sponsored by Jefferson Land Trust.

In the Tarboo Creek watershed, the Iglitzin Farm Project was granted $110,000 towards the purchase of a conservation easement on three parcels (53 acres) with a long history as a performing arts venue and that contain a mix of agricultural, riparian, wetland and forested areas. The match includes a donation of partial easement value. This project adds to ongoing efforts to protect high functioning habitat, forests and farmland in the Tarboo Watershed – from its headwaters and Tarboo Lake down to Tarboo Bay on Hood Canal.

Serendipity Farm was awarded $106,600 towards the acquisition of a conservation easement on four parcels of productive farmland totaling approximately 45 acres along Cemetery Drain in the Little Quilcene River watershed just north of Quilcene. The proposed match is a WA State Conservation Commission State Farmland Preservation grant. Serendipity hosts a farmstand, CSA, activities for youth, and community gatherings.

Snow Creek Uncas Preserve Taylor is a project to acquire approximately 2.5 acres of forested and riparian land along Snow Creek as part of the ongoing effort to create a protected fish and wildlife corridor. Up to $9,434 will be used to support the fee simple acquisition and $4,000 is dedicated to reimburse operations and maintenance expenses. The proposed match is a grant from the Recreation and Conservation Office Salmon Recovery Funding Board.