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Jefferson County ACAC Grant

For more information about applying for a Accessible Community Advisory Committee, (ACAC) Grant, you can contact Public Health Staff Anna McEnery, or. if you have a project in mind and want to apply, please see the ACAC Project Plan Form.

For information about when the ACAC meets, please see the ACAC Meeting Calendar/

ACAC Grant Process

The ACAC applies for grants from the Governor’s Committee on Disability Issues and Employment on behalf of Jefferson County.  

  • ACAC members bring forward project ideas on their own or from the community.  (The ACAC has had a community forum for feedback on disability gaps and needs.)
  • Every ACAC project must be sponsored by a Committee member who will be in charge of the project on behalf of the ACAC.
  • An ACAC Project Plan document with budget info must be filled out for each potential project.
  • The ACAC members vet and prioritize each project by voting on them at a designated ACAC meeting.
  • A list of prioritized ACAC Project Plans are sent to Toby Olson from the Governor’s Committee who makes the final decision on which projects are funded.

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