Port Hadlock Wastewater System

Public Outreach Mtg 2.27.2024 Flyer

Jefferson County, WA is constructing a sewer system for the Irondale & Port Hadlock Urban GrowInitial Service Area for the Port Hadlock Wastewater Systemth Area (UGA) to provide wastewater treatment for local residents and businesses. The sewer system has been identified as a critical element for increased regional economic development. When construction of the sewer system is completed, the Irondale & Port Hadlock UGA will be able to support affordable housing, medical facilities, higher density multifamily residences, senior housing, as well as commercial and industrial development.

The 2021 Sewer Facility Plan update (linked at bottom of this page) includes a phased plan for providing sewer in the UGA starting with the commercial core along SR-116 and Rhody Drive and expanding into residential areas over time.

Phase I - Initial Service Area
The area outlined in green on the map shows the boundary for the initial service area for the sewer system. The treatment plant and percolation pond are shown in orange, the inlet line to the wastewater plant is shown in yellow, and the proposed pressure sewer collection lines are a magenta color. Click the map to view the full size image in a new tab on your browser.

Project Phases for the Phase I - Initial Service Area
Constructing the sewer system and connecting the initial service area to it will require multiple projects that will take place in phases over approximately two to three years. The table below describes the project phases and the anticipated schedule for each phase.

Project PhaseDescription of WorkAwarded Contractor

Award Amount
9.1% WSST)


Phase 1 – Site Prep., Earthwork, and Utilities

Installation of the influent low pressure sewer pipes; effluent sewer pipe; water, power and fiber to the wastewater treatment plant site; infiltration facility; and grading of the wastewater treatment plant site.

Seton Construction, Inc.   Port Townsend, WA


Construction Complete February 2024

Phase 2 – Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) Wastewater Treatment Plant

Construction of a 90,000 gallons per day MBR wastewater treatment plant, including administration building, chem building, MBR canopy building, equalization tank, sludge bins, emergency generator and site work.

Interwest Construction, Inc. Burlington, WA


Construction March 2024 – July 2025

Phase 3 – Low Pressure Sewer Collection System

Installation of approximately 5 miles of low-pressure sewer pipe within the “core” Phase I Port Hadlock Urban Growth Area.

Seton Construction, Inc.   Port Townsend, WA


Construction April 2024 – December 2024

Phase 4 – On-site Grinder Pump Installation

Installation of the on-site grinder pumps. This Phase is broken into multiple “stages” and completion of these stages will continue until grant and loan funding runs out.

To Be Determined (TBD)TBDTBD

Project Cost and Funding (numbers rounded) – Existing project revenues for the Phase I - Initial Service Area totals approximately $35 million. The Table below summarizes the Phase I funding sources.





$3.4 Million


County – American Rescue Plan Act

Administrative, County management staffing, matching funds for certain grants

$20 Million


State – Rep. Tharinger and Legislative Appropriation

Construction – Wastewater treatment plant, inlet line, percolation pond, and some portion of pressure sewer system

$2.5 Million


Federal – Senator Murray Appropriation

Construction – Pressure Sewer and Grinder Pumps

$3.0 Million


Federal – Rep. Kilmer and Senator Cantwell

Construction - Pressure Sewer and Grinder Pumps

$6.7 Million

Final offer letter from Ecology has been received.

State Dept. of Ecology Grant

Construction – Pressure Sewer and Grinder Pumps

$35.6 Million

Total Funding Package for Phase I Wastewater System Construction