Application Packets

Single Family Residence and Commercial Building

Remodel Application Packet

Over-the-Counter. Your building permit may qualify for over-the-counter processing. Please review our Minor Residential Remodel Application to see if your permit qualifies.

Full review. Below are all of the forms you will need to submit a permit for a remodel of a single family residence that require a full review. The fees are listed on the 2nd page of the Supplemental Building Permit and you will be charged a building base, plan check, scanning fee, state fee and technology fee. The building base and plan check fees are based on the value of the cost to remodel.

Important Notes:

You only need to apply for a remodel permit if you are moving walls, changing or tapping into existing plumbing or need the modification to be noted for banking (selling, purchasing, etc.) or other legal purposes.

  • Your floor plans must include a "before" and "after"
  • If your remodel project is an addition, any applicable stormwater forms (below) will need to be filled out also. 

Stormwater Application Packet

Fire System Application Packet

These are all of the forms you will need to submit for a fire system permit. Use this application packet to apply for the following permits: fire alarm system, fire sprinkler system, hood and duct suppression system, hot work, underground oil tank, temporary fireworks stand, security gate, or spray booth.

Important Notes: