Native Plant Salvage Program

What is the Native Plant Salvage Program?

Mission Statement

To promote healthy native landscaping throughout Jefferson County by providing education to citizens through native plant salvage opportunities on the uses of native plants and sustainable land management principles. This is achieved through increasing collaboration between local organizations.

Promoting Education

It is a model used around Western Washington to promote education and restoration efforts using native plants. We coordinate with local land managers and volunteers to salvage native plants on sites that are soon to be developed.

Volunteers get hands on training in native plant identification, plant salvage techniques, and restoration techniques. Plus, volunteers can take home plants to use in their own gardens.

Why is the Noxious Weed Control Board involved?

Good question! 

In addition to helping citizens address noxious weed issues on their own property, we also want to help raise awareness and education about how to prevent future noxious weed infestations and restore land after past noxious weed infestations.

Healthy Landscape

A healthy landscape requires more than just removing noxious weeds; to regain a healthy balance on the landscape we encourage citizens to replant areas where noxious weeds have been removed with non-invasive, desirable plants that can out-compete the unwanted weeds.

Native plants are a great way to restore an area where weeds were removed! Not only are they well suited for this area, but they also support pollinators, require low care and water, and pose no threat to the environment.

Thank You to Our Community Partners!

We have a small population base in our county and we know our efforts are strengthened by working together. We have put together an advisory team to help direct this program including:

  • Jefferson County Conservation District
  • Jefferson County Master Gardeners
  • Jefferson County Parks and Recreation
  • Jefferson Land Trust
  • North Olympic Salmon Coalition
  • Port Townsend Parks and Recreation
  • Washington State University Jefferson County Extension

The Port Ludlow Associates have also been incredibly helpful in offering us site access before development begins. We owe a big thank you to these organizations for their support!