Preparedness & Planning

What is the one thing to know? That you're responsible for your own preparedness. No one else will do it for you.

We present four clear steps to preparedness, and our four fliers correspond to each of those steps:

1. First off, everyone needs to be prepared to be self-sufficient and on their own at home for 30 days.

Click on the following links to download brochures we have created to help you get set up.

Food  WaterGrab & Go Kit  Sanitation: Sewer System  Septic System

Households with members who are elderly, disabled, medically fragile or have functional needs require additional planning and coordination. Click here for a PDF file with information to assist you in preparing.

2. Once you and your family are prepared, we ask that you look into our Neighborhood Preparedness organizations and programs, like NPREP and Map-Your-Neighborhood. Neighbors taking care of neighbors is a bit of a lost art nowadays, but it is a critical part of living on the Peninsula. Since the majority of citizens are rescued by other citizens in a disaster, you're going to need to rely on each other.

Local logo and link to websiteNeighborhood Preparedness (NPREP)

Click here to learn if you live in an NPREP trained neighborhood or start a new one with NPREP's help.

Amateur Radio Emergency Services

Consider getting your HAM radio license and joining the Jefferson County Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES/RACES) and the Volunteer Emergency Communications Group (VECOM). Radios are small, inexpensive, yet powerful.

3. And once your home and your neighborhood are prepared, we'd like to invite your employer, church, business, volunteer, or non-profit group because all have a critical role to play in both preparing for and responding to a disaster.

Jefferson County Regional Emergency Preparedness Network (JPREP)

JPREP is a network of representatives from county entities, emergency responders and community volunteers that work together to prepare for emergency or disaster. Quarterly meetings, exercises and other efforts are coordinated to communicate, plan and practice readiness in the case of different types of emergencies. 

4. Finally, it makes sense to spend a few minutes to think about how a community responds to an actual disaster, and what you can do to ensure that the response is positive and helpful. Take a look at our flyer called Disaster! Now What?

Business Continuity of Operations Plan

It is vital that businesses should prepare for disaster carefully. Recovery is dependent on a resilient economy. View a video prepared by FEMA to help business owners begin the process of planning for a disaster. Click here for Continuity of Operations templates from FEMA.

Emergencies to Consider

Jefferson County Department of Emergency Services considers and plans for all forms of natural and man-made disasters that may affect the community. Every household should be prepared to be on their own for one week in case of any emergency—food, water, heat, and your regular medication are all critical. Tools and reference to help you prepare for events are outlined in the links below.

Severe Weather

Powerful windstorms, winter snowstorms and flooding are possible any time of year in the upper peninsula. Access to our community from outlying areas is limited to a few roadways and waterways. Be prepared with small efforts that add up. 


Tsunamis (pronounced soo-ná-mees), also known as seismic sea waves (mistakenly called “tidal waves”), are a series of enormous waves created by an underwater disturbance such as an earthquake, landslide, volcanic eruption or meteorite. Our community is susceptible to the damage and destruction of tsunamis and preparation for an event is critical. Click here to learn more. 


The Pacific Northwest is a geologically active area and earthquakes are a part of life here. Washington is second only to California in the frequency of earthquakes so the risk is real. Each household needs to prepare before and know what action to take during and after an earthquake. Click here to learn more.

Power Outages

Even a brief period without power can cause distressing circumstances and uncertainty. In the event of a power outage these straight forward, simple efforts may help you to be ready and less effected. Click here for more information. 


Our scenic forests are one of the most beautiful aspects of our location. They also make us vulnerable to the potential of wildfire. 


Stay Aware of incidents and details of emergencies in Jefferson County that may affect you.
Graphic that reads Be Prepared. Be Prepared for an emergency with a Grab & Go Kit!
Get Involved in your neighborhood preparedness group. Organize or participate in your neighborhood preparadness group