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Jefferson County
Surface Water Management Plan

Surface waters are streams, rivers, wetlands, ponds, lakes, and the ocean. Surface water management includes a wide variety of activities that protect surface waters including:

  • Controlling erosion from construction sites

  • Controlling stormwater runoff from development

  • Conducting water quality monitoring

  • Protecting and restoring fish habitat

  • Comprehensive land use planning

  • Watershed planning

  • Managing waste water treatment and disposal

  • Flood hazard management

  • Shellfish protection

  • Shoreline planning and management

  • Public education and technical assistance to landowners

  • Allocating surface water rights

Jefferson County has developed a Surface Water Management Plan to guide the development of a Surface Water Management Program.

Executive Summary             

Chapter 1 Introduction  
1.1 What is Surface Water?
1.2 The Hydrologic Cycle
1.3 What is Surface Water Management
1.4 Responsibility for Surface Water Management
1.5 Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan
1.6 Surface Water Management Plan Organization
Chapter 2 Existing and Projected Conditions
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Land and Climate
2.3 Land Use and Population
     Comprehensive Plan Map 2003 (1.3 Mb)
     Figure 2-2  East Jefferson County Watersheds (4.9 Mb)
     Port Hadlock UGA Stormwater Management Map
     Table 2-2 Population by Watershed 
     Table 2-3 Watershed Land Uses
2.4 Surface Water Characteristics
2.5 Analysis of Major Watersheds
2.6 Other Surface Water Conditions

Chapter 3 Analysis of Major Issues

3.1  Introduction
3.2  Effects of Rural Resource Activities
3.3  Effects of Rural Residential Development
3.4  Effects of Rural Commercial Development
3.5  Urban Stormwater Management
3.6  Surface Water and Groundwater
3.7  Low Impact Development
3.8  Flood Hazard Management
3.9  Salmon and Trout Recovery
3.10 Shellfish Protection
3.11 Marinas and Boat Launches
3.12 Marine Shorline Habitat Protection

Chapter 4 Surface Water Management Activities

4.1  Introduction
4.2  Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan
4.3  Jefferson County Unified Development Code
4.4  Agriculture and Fish & Wildlife Habitat Protection Plans
4.5  Watershed Planning
4.6  Salmon Recovery Projects
4.7  Hood Canal Coordinating Council
4.8  Flood Hazard Management
4.9  Jefferson Co. Environmental Health Department Programs
4.10 Jefferson County Maintenance Operations
4.11 Waste Management Program
4.12 Marine Resources Committee
4.13 Jefferson County Conservation District
4.14 Jefferson County - Washington State University Cooperative Extension

Chapter 5 Policy and Regulation    

5.1  Introduction
5.2  Federal Regulations
5.3  Washington State Laws and Programs
5.4  Jefferson County Policies and Regulations

Chapter 6 Program Components

6.1  Introduction
6.2  Clean Water Act National Pollutant Discharge Elimination       Systems Program
6.3  Puget Sound Water Quality Management Plan Stormwater Program
6.4  Other Surface Water Management Program Components

Chapter 7 Revenue   

7.1  Introduction
7.2  Jefferson County Operating Funds
7.3  State-Authorized Revenue Sources
7.4  Grant and Loan Programs
7.5  Jefferson County Conservation District Funding

Chapter 8 Goals and Policies     

8.1  Introduction
8.2  Surface Water Management Goals and Policies

Chapter 9 Public Education Plan

9.1  Introduction
9.2  Public Education Program Development
9.3  Surface Water Public Education Program

Chapter 10 Program and Revenue Options                            

10.1  Introduction
10.2  Analysis of Existing Surface Water Management Activities
10.3  Surface Water Management Program Options
10.4  Recommendation
     Components, Expenditures, and Revenues Table



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