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Page last updated: 12/19/2012


What is Active Transportation?


Courtesy of Rails-to-Trails Conservancy:

Active transportation is travel powered by human energy, and walking and biking are the most common means of active transportation.

"Active transportation" is a descriptive term that is gradually replacing "non-motorized transportation."  It  recognizes walking and cycling for what they are rather than what they are not.


Reasons to consider active transportation:

  • Good for your health
  • Better for the environment
  • Good for your neighborhood
  • Saves you money

The Federal Highway Administration Bicycle & Pedestrian Program offers additional information about the health and environmental benefits of walking and cycling.


Information from Washington State agencies:

The Victoria Transport Policy Institute (VTPI) provides additional information about active transportation planning.



Combined with Public Transportation

Public transportation can be an effective way to use active transportation in your everyday activities.  For example, you can load your bike on the bus with you in the morning and ride it home in the afternoon.  King County Public Health reports that even if you leave your bike at home, research has shown that people who use public transportation get more physical activity on average than people who drive.


Visit the PT Guide public transportation page for local options, including Jefferson Transit bus service.



2010 Non-Motorized Transportation & Recreational Trails Plan


Jefferson County adopted a 2010 update to its Non-Motorized Transportation & Recreational Trails Plan on June 7, 2010. The 2010 Plan will guide the County’s development of non-motorized transportation facilities and multi-purpose trails, including:

  • Larry Scott Trail and the Rick Tollefson Trail

  • Safe routes for walking to school

  • Sidewalks in commercial areas, roadway shoulders, and community trails

  • Pedestrian and bicycle connections to transit routes

  • Bicycle commuting routes

  • Regional facilities such as the Olympic Discovery Trail



Jefferson County Non-Motorized Transportation & Recreational Trails Plan - 2010


Jefferson County Multi-Use Trails


Larry Scott Trail

Jefferson County manages the 7.3-mile non-motorized, multi-use Larry Scott Memorial Trail (LST) from Port Townsend Boat Haven to Milo Curry Road in the Four Corners Area of Discovery Bay.  The LST will be the first segment of the Olympic Discovery Trail (ODT) that is envisioned to connect Port Townsend to the Pacific Ocean through Sequim and Port Angeles.


Rick Tollefson Trail

Public Works is also planning the Rick Tollefson Memorial Trail (RTT) connecting Chimacum and Port Hadlock through the Chimacum Creek valley.  The trail will begin at the main Chimacum School campus at West Valley Road, connect HJ Carroll Park to the Bob Bates Fields on Chimacum Road on an off-road path that crosses Chimacum Creek, and then ultimately end in Port Hadlock with spurs to the Lower Hadlock waterfront and the County Library.  Check here for more information as the project progresses.



Walking & Cycling Maps



Contact Public Works for more information.



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