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The primary mission of the Jefferson County Central Services GIS team is to develop and implement an effective countywide Geographic Information System (GIS) for use by Jefferson County staff. In order to accomplish this goal, the team is involved in project related work that enhances all county data systems that utilize spatial and map information. This includes county information collected by Public Works, Planning, and the Assessor. In addition, the GIS connects to other data sources that are of value to users of the GIS. These auxiliary data sources include document imaging files, aerial photos, assessor's data, etc.  Geographic information is also provided over the internet on the Internet Map Server.


A geographic information system is a computer system capable of storing and using data describing places on the earthís surface. As much as 75% of local government data has a geographic reference which enables it to be used in a GIS. Examples include school and fire districts, land parcels, environmental conditions, roads, streams, and zoning information. By creating linkages between these and other information sources, local government can make more informed decisions and more efficiently deliver services by answering questions such as: How many acres of commercial land are located in a watershed that is home to Summer Chum? Where are the most crimes taking place? What areas contain a relative abundance of sensitive species?


A number of older maps in PDF format are available in the PDF Map Database which can be accessed at the link to the left.  Paper copies of the maps in the database, as well as other maps, may be purchased at the Assessorís Office.  Please call ahead to ensure availability and for pricing information (360-385-9105). Copies of the Comprehensive Plan map may be purchased at the Jefferson County Dept. of Community Development for $20.  Parcel and road data can be downloaded from the parcel map on the Internet Map Server page.


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