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Page last updated: 11/14/2008

New Items

FINAL Shoreline Restoration Plan Released

The Final Shoreline Restoration Plan is now complete.  This document is a required component of the Shoreline Master Program (SMP) Comprehensive Update project and serves as a technical companion to the pending SMP to improve degraded and impaired shoreline resources.  Community partnerships, collaboration and willing landowners will be key to implementing the many recommended restoration actions.  See the press release on the Shoreline Media Coverage page.

Nearshore Priortization Journal Manuscript

Although not a contracted deliverable, Battelle Marine Sciences Lab researchers have prepared a journal manuscript for publication that describes in further detail the methods, results, and discussion of the nearshore prioritization work previously completed for this SMP project.  The manuscript is currently 'in revision' with Environmental Management, a professional journal publication, after receiving comments from their review team.  A description and draft of the document are below:

  • Abstract - Planners are being called upon to prioritize marine shorelines for conservation status and restoration action. This study documents an approach to determining the conservation or restoration strategy most likely to succeed, based on current conditions at local and landscape scales. The analysis is structured by an ecosystem conceptual model, which identifies anthropogenic impacts, or stressors, as well as targeted ecosystem functions. A scoring system, weighted by geomorphic class, is applied to available spatial data on stressors and functions at three scales: shorezone unit, drift cell reach, and watershed. Appropriate conservation and restoration strategies are paired with sites based on the likelihood of producing resilience to disturbance given the condition of local and landscape scale ecosystem structures and processes. This decision framework augments historical conditions and change analysis, as well as ecosystem valuation, providing a science-based planning tool in GIS.
  • Prioritizing Marine Shoreline Restoration (Dec 2007) 1.2MB

Shoreline Restoration Planning

The 2003 SMP Guidelines require the development of a Shoreline Restoration Plan as part of the SMP update process.  This plan remains as a separate document from the SMP but must reflect the findings of the inventory and characterization and support the goals, policies and regulations of the SMP.  While the protective and mitigation provisions of the SMP must attain "no net loss of ecological functions", the Restoration Plan will help improve conditions over time (diagram).

Multi-scale Analysis

A multi-scale analysis approach has been used to develop the Restoration Plan posted above, including the 2005 Shoreline Inventory & Analysis, a watershed characterization, and a nearshore restoration prioritization effort.  Learn more about this approach from the slideshow presentations below:


Watershed Characterization


Nearshore Prioritization

The following slide show, methods summaries, and maps describe Jefferson County's nearshore prioritization effort, in collaboration with ESA Adolfson, the Battelle Marine Sciences Laboratory, and the State Department of Ecology:

Shoreline Restoration Plan

Final Shoreline Restoration Plan

Building on the findings of the Shoreline Inventory & Characterization Report and focused work on watershed characterization and nearshore restoration prioritization, the Final Shoreline Restoration Plan is now complete after nearly 2 years of collaborative development.   This document serves as a technical supplement to the pending Shoreline Master Program (SMP).  While the policies and regulations of the SMP protect shoreline resources from new adverse impacts, this Plan will help repair existing degraded and impaired areas to improve the baseline conditions of shoreline health over time.  Community partnerships, collaboration and willing landowners will be key to implementing the many recommended restoration actions.

The main report and appendices are available below for download:

Note: files over 1MB are noted

Public review copies are available at the DCD Front Desk and Jefferson County Library & Bookmobile or can be purchased at DCD as hard copy ($0.15/page) or compact disk ($1.10).

The October 2007 draft and June 2008 revised versions previously posted here have been removed to conserve web server file space.  Both are still available as hard copies for review at DCD and the County Library, or for purchase as hard copy or digital. 

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