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Permit Database Search Tool

Available information includes the description, history, and status of a permit application as well as links to assessor data, maps, and scanned images. Information related to long-range planning (i.e., plans or regulations as opposed to permits) is limited in this database.  For more information on long-range planning, visit the LRP page.

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Open Public Comment Periods & Hearing Examiner Schedule

Link to the current list of land use permit applications that offer a public comment period.  Contact the assigned project planner for more information.

The list also includes the schedule of upcoming public hearings before the Jefferson County Hearing Examiner (or Appellate Hearing Examiner for appeals).  Written comments may be submitted before the hearing and oral testimony provided at the hearing.  Type III cases, such as Conditional Use Permits and Variances, are among those types of cases that involve a decision by the Hearing Examiner.

For more information about the roles and processes of the Hearing Examiner and Appellate Hearing Examiner, review UDC Sections 1 and 8Additionally, the following Ordinance adopted in 2003 supplements UDC Section 1 with specific procedures for public hearings conducted by the Hearing Examiner for certain types of land use permits:

For more information about the types of permits and permit process for each type, visit the DRD page.

For long-range planning projects (i.e., plans or regulations as opposed to permits), comment periods and public hearings are accessible through the LRP page.

Submitted Special Reports

Link to the list of special reports (such as Habitat Management Plans) submitted (or requested) as part of permit applications.  In some instances, digital copies of the reports are available for download.  Otherwise, hard copies are available from DCD.

Environmental Impact Statements

An Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) is prepared as part of State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) review of a proposal when it has been determined by the lead agency that the proposal is likely to have significant adverse environmental impacts.  The EIS process is a tool for identifying and analyzing probable adverse environmental impacts, reasonable alternatives, and possible mitigation.  For more information about SEPA, visit the Department of Ecology's SEPA Unit page.

This section contains EIS documents in digital format that have been prepared for "project actions" (such as new construction or other development proposals).  EIS documents for "non-project actions" (such as plans and regulations), when available in digital format, are found on or linked from the Long-Range Planning page.

Port Ludlow Master Planned Resort - There is an EIS process underway in association with the Port Ludlow Resort Plan revision.  For more information, visit the Port Ludlow MPR page.

Map Tools

Numerous maps that have been created by staff are available for download in our searchable online map archive. We also have an interactive mapping tool that allows you to display various map themes including zoning, parcels, proposed commercial areas, and aerial photos.  Links to both can be found at the mapping home page.

J.C. Online GIS Maps and Database Tools How-To Guide

An updated map of Land Use Designations and a series of maps included in the Comprehensive Plan are found on the Comprehensive Plan Maps page.

The Jefferson County Almanac is a compendium of statistical information on topics such as population, geography, and economics.

Color Landform Atlas of the United States courtesy of Ray Steiner



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