Parcel tags are a method in the permitting database of 'flagging' a parcel to indicate that some attribute, often a limitation, is associated with a parcel. The database contains a library of parcel tags that staff can use when processing a case. While many of these tags record a limitation such as a conservation easement, the tags are also used to record the receipt of special reports and for other purposes as well. While it is not practical to list all the tags that may appear on the website, the current tag library is listed and explained on the help page. Hold level is also explained on the help page.  Tags related to the location of sensitive species or archeological sites have been screened out.

Parcel Tags for Parcel No: 021191003

Description Wetland Delineation Report
Date Tagged 11/19/2010
Hold Level No Hold
Notes Wetland report for mitigation to install a septic system within a wetland buffer and a fish and wildlife habitat conservation area buffer.


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