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Case Number BLD03-00199
Description TRAM TO BEACH
Last Name GRANDY
Received Date 3/27/2003
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Case Number SDP02-00037
Description The proposal is to install a cable tram system to provide access to the beach. The bluff is approximately 230-feet in height. The tram cables will span from the top of the shoreline bluff and be located below the Ordinary High Water Mark. The actual tram car will not touch down on the beach. This proposal is subject to Section 4.203 of the Jefferson County Shoreline Master Program and Unified Development Code. In addition, the proposal is subject to the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA). The applicant has submitted a geotechnical report and biological assessment report. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have already reviewed the proposal and issued a permit (Permit No. 2001-1-00607). The project may also be subject to the following permitting. -Hydraulic Project Approval- Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife -Washington State Dept. of Ecology
Last Name GRANDY
Received Date 8/9/2002
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