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Change in Ownership and Project Name

In the spring of 2009 Fred Hill Materials sold their lease of the Shine Hub Operations and Wahl Lake area mining sites to Miles Sand and Gravel.  Fred Hill retained lease ownership of the 690-acre Merridian area proposed for extraction in conjunction with the conveyor and pier project for marine transportation only.  Fred Hill Materials' application identifies the project as Thorndyke Resources Operation Complex (T-ROC).  This is the same project also referred to as the Pit-to-Pier.  For more information see the T-ROC Conveyor & Pier Proposal and T-ROC Environmental Impact Statement sections below.

Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Public Scoping

A public scoping meeting was held on September 27, 2007 at Fort Worden Commons to present information and to take comments on the EIS for the Pit to Pier proposal. Written comments will be accepted until October 5, 2007. 

Comments can be sent via:

  • E-mail:; or

  • Mail:     Michelle Farfan, FHM Lead Planner, Department of Community Development, 621 Sheridan St., Port Townsend, WA 98368

Comments received will be considered during the preparation of the Draft EIS.

Case File Documents Available

All documents in the T-ROC (formerly pit-to-pier) Case File are NOW AVAILABLE for online viewing through the Laserfische Web Link (see instructions below).  Case File documents include special reports, public comments received, maps, site-plans etc.  New documents are added weekly - check back often to see new materials.

Laserfische Web Link Instructions:

  1. Click "Permits" then click "Case Files".

  2. Click on the main folder "MLA03-00155 FHM Pit to Pier ZON & SDP". 

  3. Click on a Log List to see the Log Number and a short description for each individual document.  Documents are listed by Log Number, not title. 

  4. To view a specific document, go back to the main folder and click on the appropriate Log Number.

FHM Background Information

Past proposals have been received from Fred Hill Materials Inc., including the Mineral Resource Land overlay district and the Wahl Area mineral extraction permit in the Shine - Thorndyke area.  More details are on the FHM Background page

T-ROC Conveyor & Pier Proposal

The T-ROC proposal no longer includes the Wahl Lake area and the Shine Hub Operations which are now leased from Pope Resources by Miles Sand and Gravel (not affiliated with Fred Hill Materials).  The T-ROC conveyor and pier proposal is undergoing the environmental review process for permitting.  Learn more in the T-ROC Environmental Impact Statement section below.

FHM submitted permit applications to Jefferson County in 2003 for zoning conditional use approval and shoreline conditional use and substantial development for a conveyor from the Shine Pit hub to the marine shoreline of Hood Canal and a connected pier facility intended for barge loading.  The review of these applications will be combined under a Type III permit process.  The zoning case (ZON03-00017) and the shoreline case (SDP03-00007) have been combined under one Master Land Use Application: MLA03-00155.  Check here for updated information and track the case history on the Permit Database Search page.

Through February 18, 2005, Jefferson County DCD sought Request For Qualifications (RFQ) for the preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for a conveyor and approximately 1,000 foot long pier into Hood Canal, referred as the Pit-to-Pier project.  The specifics for the RFQ are provided below along with other information:

Permit application in 2003 for shoreline conditional use and substantial development for a conveyor and pier facility intended for barge loading.  Review of the shoreline permit is combined with review of the zoning conditional use under #3 above.  The Jefferson County Shoreline Master Program (SMP) is Section 5 of the UDC.

For this Type III permit, after environmental review under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) has been completed, DCD will present a staff report and a recommendation to the County Hearing Examiner.  The Hearing Examiner decision will be the final County decision with regard to zoning conditional use approval.  The Hearing Examiner decision on the shoreline conditional use under the Jefferson County Shoreline Master Program (SMP) will be forwarded to the State Department of Ecology for a final decision, per the Shoreline Management Act (SMA).

There are several other agencies with jurisdiction over the T-ROC proposal.  These include: State Department of Ecology, Water Quality Program and Coastal Zone Management Program; Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW); DNR Aquatic Resources; Olympic Region Clean Air Agency; and US Army Corps of Engineers Seattle District Regulatory Program.  For more information on State permitting, visit the Office of Regulatory Assistance.

T-ROC Environmental Impact Statement

A project action Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) will be prepared for the T-ROC proposal to identify and analyze potential significant adverse environmental impacts.  The first step in the EIS was a scoping process where agencies, organizations and the public were invited to help establish the scope of the document (i.e., identify areas of study).  The scoping process was completed in September 2008.  The SEPA process involves the comparison of alternatives, including the "No Action" option.

Documents associated with the EIS are available for viewing in the Case File

Visit the State Department of Ecology SEPA page for more information on the preparation of an EIS.

More Information

For more information on the County review processes associated with these proposals, contact:

For more information on State permitting, visit the Office of Regulatory Assistance.



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