Jefferson County Critical Areas Ordinance

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  Public testimony was taken on the Planning Commission draft during the November 7th, 2007 hearing.  The comment period was open to November 13th, 2007.  Circumstances have led to the Planning Commission’s continued deliberation on the CAO recommendation.   Comments continue to be received by the Department of Community Development and are forwarded to the Board of County Commissioners for their legislative action.  Since the subject document remains in the Planning Commission’s domain, comments also continue to be forwarded to the Planning Commission.

 This document is the same that was examined at the PC meeting Wednesday, December 5, 2007, but with a spell-check.  You will notice that some numbers will be out of sequence because of deletions which occurred within a series.  Additional formatting will be done on the final text.  The PDF format removes all text-tracking features.  You will notice some underlined text, which is remnant of the original October 29, 2007 document posted for public review.  These underlines were “hard-formatted”.  Areas that are yellow-highlighted are points to revisit or text to revise. 

Provisional Draft Planning Commission Recommendations

 on MLA06-242

Critical Areas Ordinance