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Comprehensive Plan Annual Amendment Cycle: Calendar Year 2002

Page last updated: 10/24/2003

This page contains a summary of the process and results of the 2002 Comprehensive Plan annual amendment cycle.  For general information about the process for amending the Comprehensive Plan, including how to apply for an amendment, click here.

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On Monday, December 9, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) reached a decision on each of the 19 proposals on this year's Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket.  For a summary of the BOCC decisions, refer to the "Summary Table of Recommendations and Decisions" linked below.  Comprehensive Plan and UDC amendments adopted in association with the 2002 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket have an effective date of December 13, 2002, the day that the BOCC signed ordinances formally adopting the amendments.  (A technical correction ordinance was adopted on December 20 for a UDC amendment.)  The adopting ordinances are listed below, including line-in/line-out amending language where available.  Replacement pages for the Comprehensive Plan and UDC will be posted when available on the Comprehensive Plan and UDC web pages, respectively.

  • Ordinance 15-1213-02: Designates Glen Cove Light Industrial District (MLA02-241)

  • Ordinance 16-1213-02: Re-visits/finalizes rural commercial areas at Irondale Corner General Crossroad (MLA02-36 Regan), Chimacum Neighborhood/Visitor Crossroad (MLA02-243), Discovery Bay Neighborhood/Visitor Crossroad (MLA02-244), and Four Corners Neighborhood/Visitor Crossroad (MLA02-245)

  • Ordinance 17-1213-02: Alters residential densities in certain residential zones (MLA01-580 Madden, MLA01-613 Thornburg, MLA02-182 Poll)

  • Ordinance 18-1213-02: Amends the UDC in association with Ordinances 13-1213-02, 15-1213-02, and 19-1213-02

    • EXHIBIT A: MLA02-232; Forest Transition Overlay District UDC line-in/line out changes

    • EXHIBIT B: MLA02-239; Comprehensive Plan Amendment Application Deadline UDC line-in/line-out changes

    • EXHIBIT C (2.67 Mb): MLA02-241 & 329; Glen Cove Light Industrial District and Stormwater Management Standards UDC line-in/line-out changes

    • EXHIBIT D (1 Mb): MLA02-246; Brinnon Subarea Plan UDC line-in/line-out changes

  • Ordinance 19-1213-02: Amends the Comprehensive Plan with relation to Eastview Industrial Plat (MLA02-76), Forest Transition Overlay (MLA02-232), Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan (MLA0-234), Non-Motorized Transportation Plan (MLA02-238), Comprehensive Plan amendment process (MLA02-239), and Urban Growth Area boundary in the Hadlock/Irondale area

  • Ordinance 21-1220-02: Technical correction associated with Ordinance 18-1213-02

As part of MLA02-329, the development regulation package associated with re-visiting land use in the Glen Cove area, Jefferson County adopted the 2001 Department of Ecology Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington as the set of stormwater management standards applicable to all new development and redevelopment in Jefferson County.  For updated news items, permit application forms, and information about training/education opportunities, please visit the Stormwater Management page.


Applications for Comprehensive Plan amendments were due May 1.  There were 23 proposed Comprehensive Plan amendments on this year's preliminary docket: 9 site-specific applications and 14 suggested amendment applications. The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) with guidance from the Planning Commission pared the list down to 19 proposals.  Ten of the suggested amendments from the preliminary docket are included in the final docket. The final docket is composed of 9 site-specific amendment applications and 10 suggested amendments.

The Planning Commission held public hearings on Wednesday August 21, 2002 (Chimacum High School Auditorium) to take public comment on the site-specific Comprehensive Plan amendment proposals on the 2002 Docket and on Wednesday, September 4, 2002 (WSU Extension office, Hadlock) to take public comment on the suggested Comprehensive Plan amendment proposals on the 2002 Docket. During the months of October and November, the Planning Commission deliberated on the merits of the proposals in order to formulate a recommendation on each for consideration by the BOCC. The Planning Commission recommendation, as well as the final DCD staff recommendation, is included in the 2002 Docket DCD Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS), dated November 25, 2002.  The FSEIS also presents additional analysis and responses to submitted comments.

DCD and the Planning Commission accepted written comments through October 1, 2002 on the merits of the proposals and on the substance of the 2002 Docket DCD Draft SEIS, dated August 21, 2002.  Comments submitted by agencies and the public are available for inspection and copy ($0.10 per page) at the DCD front counter.  Comments submitted after October 1 were forwarded to the BOCC for their consideration.

The BOCC held two public hearings to take testimony on six (6) of the proposed Comprehensive Plan and associated UDC amendments on the 2002 Docket.  The dates of the hearings were December 5 and 6.  Click this link for a description of the scheduled public hearings and associated public comment period.  The following applications were the subjects of the hearings:

  • MLA02-235; Fred Hill Materials, Inc.
  • MLA02-36; Michael Regan
  • MLA02-232; J. Frank Schmidt & Son Company Profit Sharing Trust
  • MLA02-239; Jefferson County
  • MLA02-241; Jefferson County
  • MLA02-242; Jefferson County

In its legislative capacity for Jefferson County, the BOCC approved, approved with conditions or modifications, or denied each of the 19 proposed amendments on the 2002 Docket.  This action occured during the regular agenda on Monday, December 9, 2002, beginning at 2:00 PM.  Formal ordinances adopting amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and UDC were signed on December 13, 2002.


The following are links to PDF documents associated with the 2002 Comprehensive Plan annual amendment cycle.  For more information, please contact DCD Long-Range Planning.

Conditions Amended and Added by BOCC on December 9, 2002 re: MLA02-235; Fred Hill Materials; Mineral Resource Land overlay; Thorndyke Tree Farm

2002 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket DCD Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS); November 25, 2002 (94 pages)

* Note: Part 3.2.2-Verbatim Comments and Staff Responses-is not available in PDF.

Appendices to FSEIS: 

Item 1:    Notice of Availability of FSEIS and Notice of Public Hearings before Jefferson County BOCC re: 2002 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket (November 25, 2002)

Item 2:    Planning Commission Recommendation: Site-Specific Comprehensive Plan Amendments (November 22, 2002)
[Not available in PDF.]

Item 3:    Planning Commission Recommendation: Suggested Comprehensive Plan Amendments (November 22, 2002)
[Not available in PDF.]

Item 4:    Mineral Resource Lands background information originally presented as attachments to October 25 DCD Memorandum to Planning Commission (multiple items referenced in Section 2.3.3 of this document) 
[Not available in PDF.]

Item 5:    GeoResources, LLC Geotechnical Summary: MRL Aggregate Resource Evaluation, Thorndyke Mineral Resource Area (November 1, 2002) 

Item 6:    Team 4 Engineering maps and cross-sections associated with November 1 GeoResources Geotechnical Summary

         Groundwater Contour Map: Vashon Aquifer (dated October 31, 2002) (2.49 Mb)

         Geologic Cross-Section A-A

         Geologic Cross-Section B-B

         MRL Plan View: Outwash Channels (dated October 31, 2002)   (1.91 Mb)

         Schematic Cross-Section of Outwash Channel

Item 7:    Washington State Department of Ecology Memorandum to DCD: MLA02-235 (November 20, 2002)

Item 8:    Exhibits from November 6 DCD Memorandum to Planning Commission: Glen Cove Industrial Area and Tri-Area (Port Hadlock-Irondale-Chimacum)

         Exhibit A: Glen Cove boundary from March 7, 2002 Glen Cove Boundary Analysis

         Exhibit B: Glen Cove boundary from June 10, 2002 Glen Cove Boundary Revision: Proposed Implementation Strategy

         Exhibit C: Revised DCD-recommended Glen Cove boundary

         Exhibit D: Revised DCD-recommended UDC Table 6-1: Density, Dimension and Open Space Standards

         Exhibit E: Revised DCD-recommended Tri-Area Urban Growth Area boundary

Item 9:    Memorandum from County Natural Resources Manager to DCD re: Brinnon Subarea Plan (November 22, 2002)  [Not available in PDF.]

* Note: If documents above are not available in Portable Document Format (PDF), please contact DCD to order copies or visit DCD to inspect the files.

DCD Memorandum to Planning Commission (November 6, 2002)

DCD Memorandum to Planning Commission (October 25, 2002)

Notice of Availability of Integrated GMA/SEPA Document

2002 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket DCD Staff Report & Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS); August 21, 2002
(137 Pages)

APPENDICES Items 3 through 12 are available in hard copy. Please contact DCD for access to the application file. You may also use the County map tools to review a map of the general area. Search using parcel numbers cited in the staff report.
Item 1: Integrated GMA/SEPA document (August 1, 2002)
Item 2: Growth Management Indicators memorandum (May 7, 2002)
Item 3: Site Map for MLA01-580 (Madden)
Item 4: Site Map for MLA01-613 (Thornburg)
Item 5: Site Map for MLA02-182 (Poll)
Item 6: Site Map for MLA02-36 (Regan)
Item 7: Site Map for MLA02-190 (Pepper-Lins)
Item 8: Site Map for MLA02-76 (Eastview Industrial Plat)
Item 9: Site Map for MLA01-446 (Seton)
Item 10: Site Map for MLA02-235 (Fred Hill Materials)
Item 11: Site Map for MLA02-216 (J. Frank Schmidt & Son Company)
Item 12: Area Map for MLA02-241 (Glen Cove)
Item 13: Area Map for MLA02-243 (Chimacum NC)
Item 14: Area Map for MLA02-244 (Discovery Bay NC)
Item 15: Area Map for MLA02-242 (Port Hadlock UGA)
Item 16: Amended Utilities Element for implementing MLA02-242
Item 17: Amended Capital Facilities Element for implementing MLA02-242
Item 18: Brinnon: nine composite environmentally sensitive area maps

2002 Amendment Cycle: Preliminary Staff Report on Formal Site-Specific Amendment Proposals (August 7, 2002)

Integrated GMA/SEPA notice for 2002 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket (August 1, 2002)

2002 Final Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket (19 Proposals)

Department of Community Development Recommendation on Applications to be Included on the Final Docket

Planning Commission Recommendation on Applications to be included on the Final Docket

Department of Community Development Memorandum to Planning Commission Regarding Growth Management Indicators

Comprehensive Plan Amendment Process & Timelines

For more information, please contact:
Long-Range Planning
Department of Community Development
621 Sheridan Street
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