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Comprehensive Plan -                       Annual Amendment Cycle: 2010

This page is specific to the 2010 annual cycle of amending the Comprehensive Plan.

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2010 Milestones

  • March 1 - Only one application was received by the deadline:

    • MLA10-73:  Miles Sand and Gravel Company; requesting the following: 1) add an additional 18-acres to the existing 156-acre Wahl Lake Mineral Resource Land Overlay (MRLO) currently zoned as Commercial Forest Land  (CF 1:80) located within the Thorndyke Tree Farm, Port Ludlow, owned by Pope Resources;  2) Modify certain conditions imposed by Jefferson County on property (including the Wahl Expansion Area covered by Ordinance 08-0706-04) and segregate certain property formerly leased by Fred Hill Materials now being leased by Miles Sand and Gravel.  (APNís 801-361-001 & 701-011-001)
  • July 12 - BoCC approved the Final Docket with the one site-specific amendment proposal.  No suggested amendment proposals were received.

  • September 1 - public comment period open through September 30. 

    • Send comments to Planning Commission, 621 Sheridan St., Port Townsend WA  98368

    • Send email comments to

  • September 1 - county presented staff report to Planning Commission. 

  • September 15 - Site visit from 3-5pm at project location.

  • September 15 - Public Hearing commenced at 6:30pm to 7pm.  Hearing was closed by the Chairman.

    • NOTE:  The public hearing was requested to be continued to October 6, 2010 by the Hood Canal Coalition.  At the public hearing on September 15, 2010, the Hood Canal Coalition stated they no longer requested the public hearing to be continued.

  • October 6 - Planning Commission deliberated on the proposal during their regular public meeting and completed findings to support its final recommendation with a vote of 6-0 (6 favor, 0 oppose):

    • approve MLA10-00073 for an 18-acre Mineral Resource Land Overlay (MRLO),

    • approve the proposed language changes to Ordinance 08-0706-04, and

    • approve the two actions as documented through two separate ordinances.

  • November 1 - Staff presented the Planning Agency recommendation to BoCC and requested the BoCC to direct staff to prepare two (2) ordinances: one for the 18-acre MRLO and one for the proposed language changes to Ordinance 08-0706-04 for adoption of MLA10-00073 as proposed by Miles Sand & Gravel Company.

    • Agenda Request packet to BoCC included:

      • Memorandum from Planning Commission - Final Recommendation

      • Public comment letters (4 received)

      • Signed map of proposal for which the Planning Commission recommends approval

      • Revised line-in/line-out proposed language changes to ordinance 08-0706-04 per Memorandum of Understanding between the applicant and the Hood Canal Coalition

  • December 13 - BoCC deliberations and final decision on the 2010 Final CPA Docket.  A motion was moved and second by BoCC members for each individual ordinance.  BoCC vote was all in favor, 0 oppose; for each ordinance.

    • Ordinance 08-1213-10 established an 18-acre MRLO adjacent to the existing Wahl Lake MRLO.

    • Ordinance 09-1213-10 amended Ordinance 08-0706-04 by repealing and replacing conditions listed in "Attachment A" of Ordinance 09-1213-10.

  • December 16 - Notice of Decision with attached signed ordinances mailed to Department of Commerce.

Next Steps Anticipated

  • December 22 - Notice of Adoption by the Jefferson County Commissioners published in the Jefferson County-Port Townsend Leader.


Public Record Accessibility: In an effort to assist public participation, the entire GMA Record for the annual Comp Plan Amendment Cycle will be scanned and made viewable via the Laserfiche WebLink below.

New documents are added to Laserfiche frequently, as staff time and resources allow - check back often to see new materials (NOTE:  Webpage date does not reflect Public Record date).

Laserfiche Viewing Instructions:

  1. Open the Laserfiche WebLink

  2. Click on "Permits"

  3. Click on "Long Range Planning"

  4. Click on "2010 CPA Cycle" to view materials related to MLA 10-73 (Miles Sand & Gravel proposal)

  1. First view the Index for a list of items contained in the Record

    1. Note: the Index includes GMA File, GMA #, Title, Date, and Description for each item in the Record

  2. Make note of the GMA # assigned to the item you want to view

  3. Then click "Back" to view the entire Record

  4. And select individual items for viewing

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