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Comprehensive Plan Annual Amendment Cycle: Calendar Year 2009

Page last updated: 12/21/2009

This page contains information about the 2009 Comprehensive Plan annual amendment cycle.  For general information about the process for amending the Comprehensive Plan, including how to apply for an amendment, click here.

Public Record Accessibility: In an effort to assist public participation and tranparency, applications for each Comp Plan Amendment proposal have been digitally scanned and are viewable online.  Go to the Documents section below for viewing instructions and links to each record.


The Comprehensive Plan annual amendment cycle is coordinated by the Department of Community Development (DCD).  Public participation is directed through review by the citizen volunteer Planning Commission and the elected Board of County Commissioners (BoCC).    Visit this page for updated information on the 2009 amendment cycle.

The Docket is the set of proposals to be considered.  See the Process section below for information about the review process.  See Documents below for links to press releases, legal notices, memoranda, staff reports, and other documents, when available.


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New Items

On December 15, 2009, the Board of Commissioners voted unanimously to approve MLA09-00077, the Port of Port Townsend's request to rezone a 24 acre parcel from Rural Residential to Airport Essential Public Facility, and amend the UDC to include an Airport Overlay III to allow non-aviation rural light industrial manufacturing on that parcel.  Below is the adopting ordinance with attachments in PDF format:

Ordinance No. 11-1215-09

Attachment A (zoning map)

Attachment B (UDC regulations)



Pursuant to Chapter 18.45 of the Unified Development Code (UDC)--Title 18 of the Jefferson County Code (JCC), Jefferson County is conducting an annual Comprehensive Plan amendment process. Consistent with the State Environmental Policy Act (“SEPA” at RCW 43.21C), the Growth Management Act (“GMA” at RCW 36.70A), and the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan, this amendment process involves concurrent analysis of all proposals to review the potential for cumulative impacts.

In general, Comprehensive Plan amendment proposals in Jefferson County fall into one of two (2) categories:

  • Formal Site-Specific Amendments are proposals submitted by property owners requesting a change in either Comprehensive plan land use designation or density.

  • Suggested Amendments are generally limited to proposals that that broadly apply to the goals, policies and implementation strategies of the Comprehensive Plan. In order to ensure cumulative impact review, suggested amendments that could potentially result in re-designation of groups of parcels are analyzed using the same criteria required for formal site-specific amendments.

Preliminary Docket


The Preliminary Docket (posted in Documents below as a PDF file) is composed of three (3) proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan.  The two (2) site-specific applications are automatically included on the Final Docket (see Final Docket next).  Following are brief descriptions of the one (1) suggested amendment that is considered in the Preliminary Docket process, including a Master Land Use Application (MLA) number for reference.


Suggested Amendment:


  1. MLA07-104 Industrial Land Bank proposed by Jefferson County DCD, requesting the following: 1) The designation of an Industrial Land Bank, a provision of the Growth Management Act under RCW 36.70A.367, to provide additional employment opportunities for citizens.  2) The Comprehensive Plan will need additional policy guidance as a result of this amendment.  3) Additional guidance for reviewing this proposal can be found in the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan Chapter 3 (Land Use and Rural Element).  This amendment proposal was approved by the BoCC for carry-over from the 2008 cycle.


Site-Specific Amendments:


  1. MLA 09-64  T. Graham - Rezone Rural Residential 1:5 to Agriculture
  2. MLA 09-77 Port of Port Townsend - Rezone Rural Residential 1:10 to Airport Essential Public Facility/Airport Overlay III for non-aviation-related light industrial/manufacturing

Final Docket

The Final Docket is established by the BoCC.  See the Process section below.  The Final Docket automatically includes any site-specific amendment proposals on the Preliminary Docket. 


Applications for Comprehensive Plan amendments were due March 2, 2009.  There were thirteen (13) proposed Comprehensive Plan amendments on the 2009 Preliminary Docket: three (3) suggested amendments and ten (10) site-specific applications.  The Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) with guidance from the Department of Community Development (DCD) and the Planning Commission sets the Final Docket.  The ten site-specific applications automatically were placed on the Final Docket (as stated above, one application was withdrawn in writing by the applicant).

See the Docket section above for descriptions of the amendment proposals and Documents below for press releases with additional information on the amendment cycle process.

A joint BoCC and Planning Commission workshop on the 2009 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Cycle applications, while not mandatory, is an option that was exercised this year on (date TBD).

The Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on (date TBD) concerning the question of whether to include the one suggested amendment on the Final Docket.  The Planning Commission will develop a recommendation for the BoCC on inclusion of  the suggested amendment that should be docketed for consideration this year.  See Documents below for legal notices, DCD staff reports and related documents.

The BoCC will hold a public hearing on (date TBD), on the subject of establishing the Final Docket for the 2009 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Cycle.  The Final Docket will be established by the first regular Board meeting in July. 

Once the Final Docket is established, the next steps in reviewing the Docket include staff analysis of the proposals and the public review process coordinated through the Planning Commission.  See Review Schedule below.

The Planning Commission holds a public hearing (or hearings) concerning proposals on the Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket.  DCD releases a staff report prior to the public hearing.  A legal notice in the newspaper of record, The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader, initiates a public comment period in preparation for the Planning Commission public hearing.  See Documents below for notices and reports.

Following the public hearing on (date TBD), the Planning Commission will complete a recommendation to the BoCC on the 2009 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket.  See Documents below for the formal memoranda.  A County staff recommendation accompanied the Planning Commission recommendation for each item.

The BoCC takes action on the 2009 Docket after reviewing the Planning Commission and staff recommendations.  The BoCC may also hold a public hearing or hearings before taking action.  See Results below for information on the BoCC decisions and Documents below for the adopted ordinances.

Review Schedule for 2009 

March 1 - Proposals due.

Remainder of schedule to be determined


In its legislative capacity for Jefferson County, the Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) approves, approves with conditions or modifications, or denies each of the proposed amendments on a Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket.  The BoCC takes action on each of the Docket items on or before the second regular BoCC meeting in December.  Meeting minutes of BoCC meetings can be accessed from the County's Minutes and Meetings page.

A legal notice of ordinance adoption appears in the The Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader newspaper within 10 days after BoCC legislative action.  PDF files of adopted ordinances and related documents are posted in the Documents section below.  Replacement pages for the Comprehensive Plan are posted on the Comprehensive Plan page.


Public Record Accessibility: In an effort to assist public participation, applications for each Comp Plan Amendment proposal have beeb digitally scanned and made viewable online.  When staff time and resources allow, the entire GMA Record for each Comp Plan Amendment Proposal will be scanned and viewable below via the Laserfiche WebLink.  New documents are added frequently - check back often to see new materials (Webpage date does not reflect Public Record date).  A PDF copy of the Staff Report can be obtained by clicking on the "Staff Report" next to the proposal name.

Laserfiche Viewing Instructions:

NOTE: Digital files are under development - check back soon

  1. Open the Laserfiche WebLink

  2. Click on "Permits"

  3. Click on "Long Range Planning"

  4. Click on "2009 CPA Cycle" which contains records for:

Laserfiche Record/GMA File Docket Name
2550 General 2009 Cycle
2550-1 MLA09-64 Graham
2545-2 MLA09-77 Port of PT - Staff Report
  1. Select a Record

  2. First view the Index for a list of items contained in the Record

    1. Note: the Index includes GMA File, GMA #, Title, Date, and Description for each item in the Record

  3. Make note of the GMA # assigned to the item you want to view

  4. Then click "Back" to view the entire Record

  5. And select individual items for viewing

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