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Comprehensive Plan Annual Amendment Cycle: Calendar Year 2004

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This page contains information about the 2004 Comprehensive Plan annual amendment cycle.  For general information about the process for amending the Comprehensive Plan, including how to apply for an amendment, click here.

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New Items

On December 13, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) took action on each component of the 2004 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket.  See Results below for details and Documents for PDF versions of adopted ordinances and related files.  The Docket section describes the issues and proposals considered and the Process section provides a chronological narrative. 


Pursuant to Section 9 of the Unified Development Code (UDC), Jefferson County is conducting an annual Comprehensive Plan amendment process. Consistent with the State Environmental Policy Act (“SEPA” at RCW 43.21C), the Growth Management Act (“GMA” at RCW 36.70A), the Jefferson County Comprehensive Plan, and UDC Section 9, this amendment process involves concurrent analysis of all proposals to review the potential for cumulative impacts.

In general, Comprehensive Plan amendment proposals in Jefferson County fall into one of two (2) categories:

  • Formal Site-Specific Amendments are proposals submitted by property owners requesting a change in either Comprehensive plan land use designation or density.

  • Suggested Amendments are generally limited to proposals that that broadly apply to the goals, policies and implementation strategies of the Comprehensive Plan. In order to ensure cumulative impact review, suggested amendments that could potentially result in re-designation of groups of parcels are analyzed using the same criteria required for formal site-specific amendments (i.e., UDC 9.8.1.b and c).

The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) adopted Resolution 91-03 in 2003, thereby limiting the 2004 Annual Amendment Cycle to County-suggested amendments only.  Following are brief descriptions of each of the five (5) proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan. Each case has a Master Land Use Application (MLA) for reference.

Suggested amendments:

  1. MLA03-232 proposed by the Port of Port Townsend suggesting the following: (1) Proposes an Essential Public Facilities (EPF) district designation rather than an overlay for the Jefferson County Airport (JCIA); (2) proposes the establishment of an Airport Overlay based on a 55-DNL noise contour map projected through the year 2022 and adopted in 2004 with the Airport Master Plan (AMP); (3) proposes Comprehensive Plan and UDC changes related to the allowed and prohibited land uses within the Airport EPF and the Airport Overlay; (4) proposes a disclosure process by which prospective property owners and current owners who apply for certain land use approvals in the Airport Overlay would be informed about the close proximity to the JCIA and that the County does not consider noise impacts related to normal airport operations to be a public nuisance; and (5) proposes a future planning process in which industrial uses would be considered in or adjacent to the Airport EPF in order to promote Airport self-sustainability.

  2. MLA03-244 proposed by a citizen group, People for a Rural Quimper (PRQ), suggesting the following: Proposed Comprehensive Plan policy changes related to the elimination of requirements for Jefferson County to adopt an Airport Overlay or Noise Overlay ordinance and to support implementation of Airport Master Plan policies regarding land use at the Jefferson County International Airport.

  3. MLA04-27 proposed by Jefferson County suggesting the following: Proposal to consider a set of 253 parcels of land for designation as Agricultural Lands on the map of Comprehensive Plan Land Use Designations.  The full parcel list is included and analyzed in the available Staff Report.  This process is the final step in an Agricultural Lands planning effort initiated early last year and intended to complete tasks identified in the 1998 Comprehensive Plan.

  4. MLA04-28 proposed by Jefferson County suggesting the following: Part A of this proposal consists of Comprehensive Plan and UDC amendments developed by staff as part of the statutory 2004 growth management update requirements in the Growth Management Act (GMA), Chapter 36.70A.  The principal areas for consideration are population allocation, capital facilities and transportation planning, and best available science as applied to the regulatory protection of environmentally critical areas.  Part B involves a Planning Commission five-year assessment of the Comprehensive Plan and corresponding amendment proposal pursuant to UDC Section 9.5.4.  The Planning Commission proposal is intended to replace or eliminate outdated, redundant, and regulatory language and includes amendments to the following Comprehensive Plan chapters: Introduction; Plan Implementation and Monitoring; Land Use and Rural; Housing; Open Space, Parks and Recreation, and Historic Preservation; Economic Development; and Environment.  The Planning Commission proposal also includes one site-specific land use re-designation involving 18 acres currently zoned Rural Residential 1:10 and occupied by the Wheel-In Motor Movie drive-in theater.  Parcel number 001-282-007 located on Theater Road adjacent to the intersection of State Routes 19 and 20 is proposed for inclusion in the General Crossroad rural commercial district.

  5. MLA04-29 proposed by Jefferson County suggesting the following:  Placeholder amendment for proposing the addition of narrative and policy language under a new Hadlock and Irondale Urban Growth Area (UGA) element in the Comprehensive Plan.  This effort is related to compliance with a Growth Management Hearings Board order concerning the 2002 designation of the Hadlock and Irondale UGA.  Among the topics under consideration by a Board-appointed UGA Task Force—and later by the public, the Planning Commission, and the Board—are urban growth levels of service, capital facilities, and the UGA boundary and internal land use districts.  A follow-up MLA package will be developed for inclusion of UGA development regulations in the UDC.


  • MLA03-232 and MLA03-244, both concerning the Jefferson County International Airport, were originally proposed by the Port of Port Townsend and PRQ, respectively, for inclusion on the 2003 Docket.  In 2003, the BOCC deferred these two proposals to the 2004 Annual Amendment Cycle.  Visit the Airport planning issues page for more information.

  • MLA04-29 concerning UGA planning is on an accelerated timeline pursuant to a Compliance Order from the Growth Management Hearings Board.  See Documents below and the UGA planning page for more information on this process.


Applications for Comprehensive Plan amendments were due February 2 (as Feb. 1 was a Sunday this year).  There were five (5)  proposed Comprehensive Plan amendments on the 2004 Preliminary Docket, all suggested amendments as opposed to site-specific applications.  The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) with guidance from the Department of Community Development (DCD) and the Planning Commission decided to keep all the proposals on the Preliminary Docket for the Final Docket.

The Planning Commission holds public hearings concerning proposals on the Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket.  A public hearing on the 2004 Docket was held October 6.  Here's the press release.  [Hearings were held in May and June for MLA04-29, proposed amendments related to Urban Growth Area planning that are on a quicker review timeline.]  See Documents below.

DCD hosted a "Short Course on Local Planning" for Planning Commissioners and the public on August 9.  This notice with the details appeared in the local newspapers.  Here is the agenda.  One of the topics in the Short Course was the "2004 update," which is an item on the 2004 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket.

County staff hosted a roundtable workshop with the public on September 7 concerning  the 2004 update requirements under GMA.  Here's the press release and the agenda.  For more information on the 2004 update requirements, visit the 2004 Update & Comp Plan Review page.

DCD released its 2004 Docket Integrated Staff Report and SEPA Addendum on September 22, thereby initiating a formal comment period.  Here's the press release.

On November 10, the Planning Commission completed a recommendation to the BOCC on the 2004 Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket.  See Documents below for the formal memoranda.  A County staff recommendation accompanies the Planning Commission recommendation for each item.

On November 15, the BOCC adopted Resolution 63-04, addressing the December 1, 2004 statutory deadline for Jefferson County to review and, if necessary, revise its Comprehensive Plan and development regulations to ensure compliance with the Growth Management Act.  The Resolution documents progress to date and lays out a timeline for legislative action.

The BOCC held a public hearing Monday, December 6 and extended the written comment period until close of business Wednesday, December 8.  The hearing encompassed all of the items on the 2004 Docket.  Legal notice of the hearing was published on Wednesday, November 24 in The Leader.  See Documents below.

The BOCC took action on each of the items on the 2004 Docket on Monday, December 13.  See Results below for information on the BOCC decisions and Documents below for the adopted ordinances.


In its legislative capacity for Jefferson County, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) approves, approves with conditions or modifications, or denies each of the proposed amendments on a Comprehensive Plan Amendment Docket.  The BOCC took action on each of the Docket items on Monday, December 13, the second regular BOCC meeting in December 2004.

The results for each the Docket items are summarized in italics below.  For more information, view the adopted ordinances in Documents below and visit the issue-specific pages linked after each file number heading.  The issue-specific pages contain background information and the documents and maps that represent the Planning Commission and staff proposals.

  • MLA03-232 involving goals, policies, and development regulations for the Jefferson County International Airport and surrounding area, as suggested by the Port of Port Townsend.

    • The BOCC adopted the staff recommendation for this proposal.

  • MLA03-244 involving goals and policies for the Jefferson County International Airport and surrounding area, as suggested by People for a Rural Quimper (PRQ).

    • The BOCC did not adopt the amendments as suggested by PRQ.

  • MLA04-27 involving the potential designation of Agricultural Lands on the map of Comprehensive Plan land use designations.

    • The BOCC re-designated 220 parcels of real property as Agricultural Lands of Local Importance.

  • MLA04-28 involving the statutory mandate for Jefferson County to review and update our Comprehensive Plan and development regulations and the Planning Commission amendment/update proposal based on its periodic assessment of the Comprehensive Plan.  See the 2004 Update & Comp Plan Review page.

    • The BOCC adopted amendments to 10 Comprehensive Plan elements.  For Part A, the BOCC adopted the joint Planning Commission-staff recommendations for revising the Comprehensive Plan.  The BOCC re-adopted UDC Section 3, which contains regulatory protections for environmentally critical areas.  For Part B, the BOCC adopted amendments to several Comprehensive Plan elements, following most closely the Planning Commission recommendation.  In some instances, the BOCC accepted alternative suggestions recommended by staff or developed a third approach.

A legal notice of ordinance adoption will appear in the Port Townsend & Jefferson County Leader newspaper on Wednesday, December 22.  PDF files of adopted ordinances and related documents posted in the Documents section below.  Replacement pages for the Comprehensive Plan will be posted on the Comprehensive Plan page.

Note: MLA04-29, the package of proposals associated with the Irondale & Port Hadlock Urban Growth Area (UGA), was considered earlier than and apart from other docketed items in the 2004 amendment cycle because of reporting deadlines associated with an ongoing growth management compliance case related to the initial adoption of the UGA boundary in 2002The BOCC approved a set of policy and code amendments related to UGA planning on August 9, 2004.  The adopting ordinance was approved on August 23.  For documents and information associated with MLA04-29, visit the UGA planning page.


Background information and documents related to the suggested amendments are available on these web pages:

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